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Islam: No Salvation Guaranteed Except by...

Muhammad didn’t know if he was going to heaven or hell, Abu Bakr his father in law and close companion (and one of the “rightly guided Sunni caliphs”) said that even if he had one foot in heaven he did not know if Allah would still reject him.  The reason for this doubt, is that Islam is a religion of salvation by works. i.e. do your good deeds outweigh your bad deeds? no one in Islam can be sure of their salvation except one class of Muslim - the shahid - the one who slays or is slain fighting for Allah.  Unfortunately for the rest of the world, this makes martyrdom an attractive option for those who have no other hope, hence the fanatics, the criminals, the ultra pious, see suicide attacks to be a win-win scenario, in one action, they can be guaranteed entry to heaven and pay for the sins of 70 of their relatives. Because of the promise of 72 virgins for instance, when a Palestinian suicide bomber dies, they do not hold a funeral, but a wedding ceremony.No one knows what's going…

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