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Muslims: Why Can't I Criticize My Religion?

#Islam When you can't question your religion...You leave it.  This is why Christianity is increasing in Iran..Because Christians can question thier religion. Western Leftists are actually helping in producing more Christians by suffocating Muslim Liberals. Can't I Criticize My Religion?

by Majid Rafizadeh
September 16, 2018 at 5:00 amOn the surface, for those who wanted to reform Islam, the only place to do so appeared to be the West. We all assumed that here in the West, it would be safe to question and criticize. Instead, so many institutions utilize a far more subtle method of silencing criticism.

The more you conceal or disregard constructive criticism of Islam, the harder you are making it for reforms to occur in the religion and the easier you are making it for Muslim radicals to prevail.

The reason I criticize the radical elements of my religion is not because I have hatred in my heart, but…

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