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The Last Shah of Iran Talking About Islamo-Marxists: A Cautionary Tale of The 1979 Iranian Revolution

The 1979 Iranian Revolution was achieved by the evil forces of Islamism and Marxism...

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While Western leftists make no similar religious references, they do contend, like radical Islamists, that the United States is determined to overrun other nations and dominate the world.

Radical Islam seeks purification and "social justice" by means of jihad, or holy war, whose highest ideal is martyrdom achieved while attempting to conquer an evil worldly power such as the United States, the Great Satan (and Israel, the Little Satan). The radical Islamist's ultimate goal is to subdue the "infidel" nations and therein institute sharia, or Islamic law, so as to redeem the world for Allah.

The radical left, similarly, advocates revolution as the means of achieving its ends -- eliminating capitalism and creating a socialist paradise on earth.

While Islamic radicals seek to pu…

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