The Middle East vs. West Asia & North Africa

Something that occured to me recently has to do with the term "Middle East" being used to speak of West or Western Asia and North Africa...the term Middle East is Euro-Centric and was popularly introduced with the help of the British Empire. From the point of view of the Imperial British, Iran is the Middle East, however in reality there is no continent called The Middle East. It is actually in Western Asia. On the same note, Egypt is North Africa and not the Middle East. Why you may ask this term is used? Well, when you want to describe majority Muslim nations as barbaric, what better way to call it "The Middle East" and say that the ME has been at war for thousands of years? Ironically so has the rest of the China, which is in Asia has been around for over 9000 years, 2000 more years than Iran, however they don't talk about Asia the same way as the ME...That brings more questions to much of Asia is Muslim? If you refer to Asian countries with the proper names, then you will realize that at least half of Asia is Muslim...including 100 million in China!


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