Right Wing Lies & Theocracy

I just ran across an article written by one of the right wing blogs (Jawa Report) that discusses false ties between Anwar Al-Awlaki (who accuses CAIR and other American Muslim organizations as being hypocrites and infidels) with the Noor Islamic Cultural Center. It is really comic how they take half truths and create novels based on their racist and biggoted fantasies. I find it really interesting that people in the mainstream right wing media are so ignorant of Muslims. Meaning that every time a Muslim does something, it is regarded that it's because of their faith. Well, if the Muslim was a good person and doing good things, then I would agree with that, but if the Muslim is doing evil, then it is not for Islam. For example, a Muslim Bank Robber, Thief, Mentally Insane etc. is not seen just as another person, but rather they are percieved to do these things as if Islam had anything to do with it. If we went on that kind of logic, there are more Christian and Jewish Bank Robbers, Thieves, and Mentally insane "Terrorists" than there are Muslim ones. Just imagine how many Christians are on death row for murders...did they do their crimes because they are Christians or is it because they are just crazy or criminals? Obviously it is because the are either crazy or criminals, however the right wing wants you to believe that if a crazy person or criminal comes from a Muslim heritage, it is because of their faith that they are crazy or a criminal. How ridiculous and dishonest is that? But then again, what can you expect from people who think that our President Obama is a Muslim-Communist-Foreigner? LOL 39% of Republicans believe this! This says a lot about the party that has disconnected from it's roots and has become the mouthpiece for private multi-national corporations instead of the American Government (Government of the people for the people). So, when are these right wing corporates going to unleash their private armies and intelligence against the American Nation? When is Blackwater going to take over the Army and the CIA? All these lies of the right wing fanatics is just a pretense to destroy our beloved Nation. As an Iranian-American Muslim I am proud to be an American Citizen and I am proud of my American, Persian and Muslim heritages. The only true Republican left is Ron Paul, however they don't like real republicans. This country gave me so many good things and it is my duty to give back and create a positive atmosphere for my kids that will be born and raised in this country and be a part of this mosaic that we call the United States. Some of the fear mongering racists and biggots want you to believe that the USA is a European-Christian nation, but it is not. This nation was not built on Christianity but by Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist etc. individuals that wanted to make sure we never become a theocracy. If you read writings from Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers, you will see that if a day comes that a "Jew or Mohammedan (vulger)" becomes the President of the USA, then we should listen and follow their leadership. So, even if Obama was a Muslim (which he is not) then there should be not problem. Islamic values and American values are compatible, however the biggots don't want you to know this. This country belongs to all of us, not just European-American-Christians, that is why it is such a great country...every person from every place they come from has given a peace of tile for the mosaic to make it complete. This is the best country to live in, as long as the theocratic right wing does not take it over. I refuse be a second class citizen...those like me are entitled to everything everybody else is entitled in this country...regardless of race, religion, or gender! I have a license plate on my car that says "ONE NATION UNDER GOD". There is only one God, regardless of what you call it. However, the right wing extremists want you to believe that refers to only Prophet Jesus, however that is the false dreams of racists and biggots. One nation under God...meaning people of many races and religions who are one nation under the one and only God of all (God, Gott, Eloh, Allah, Yahweh, Jesus, Buddha, etc.) The right wing theocrats are playing right into the hand of the right wing theocrats in the middle east. I really don't see a difference between Christian, Jewish and Muslim Extremists, infact they live off of each other. They make money and get power from each other because the one can't live without the other. Without Robert Spencer you don't have Anwar Al-Awlaki and visa versa. These type of people feed off of each others narrow minded, ignorant, hateful, and dishonest rhetoric. How about mainstream Muslims, Christians, and Jews taking back the world from these psychos?


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