Full Nude Body Scanners To Be Installed At Airports

I understand the need for security at airports and other places that could be potential threats to human life, however do "Full Nude Body Scanners" break any constitutional rights? Rights to Privacy? Dignity? etc.? This is a really good question...Do you like people looking at you, your mom, daughter, friends, etc. in the nude through an x-ray machine to insure your safety? This is really an ethical question similar to the use of robotics in warfare as P.W. Singer talks about in his book called "Wired For War". Should we give up all of our privacy for safety? It is indecent exposure if we walk around naked in the streets, however it's ok for us to be looked at in the nude before we board a plane? Ok, yes...you look like a "Na'vi" in the movie "Avatar" because the x-ray makes you look blue but nude, however does that make it right? Supposedly the faces being covered and the blue image are reported as being acceptable, but to whom? What about the safety of using x-rays in general? Right now they say they don't show the person's face when scanned, however who is to say they will not change that in the future? Do you like the idea of having yourself scanned in the nude and stored on a government computer? What's next, x-ray scans of our homes? Will the sales of lead based string go up, because companies will make lead clothing to protect privacy? Hopefully we can stop terror and other crimes while still protecting our civil rights and keeping our constitution intact.




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