it's not a movie like iRobot or a new iPod!

Another book I ran across that I thought would be interesting is "iMuslims" mentions that is shows "a practice of Islam, distinct from Islam lived in real life, has already emerged online, with Muslims sometimes identifying more with a Web site than a particular mosque or formal sect." This is an interesting development, because traditionally Muslims have had to live under a specific government with government regulated brands of Islam, however it appears Muslims are taking the "buffet" approach these days online. The author of the book by the name of Gary R. Blunt states that "Blogs allow these iMuslims to delve deeply into theological and societal issues not otherwise addressed. Bunt further theorizes that Muslims have an open-source educational legacy." which is interesting because Islam has survived for over 1400 years crossing national boundaries all around the world and number 1.5 billion at present and is growing even in today's modern world. In my opinion this new "iMuslims" concept may be able to help educate the west about Islam in a way that has not been possible in the past and will dispel the demonization that Islam has faced since the time of the Crusades. Also, it may help bring Muslims together and create more understanding of one another so that they can progress. More info: iMuslims


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