Joined at the Hip: Islamophobia & Antisemitism

This is an interesting article I ran across on loonwatch...Islamophobia & discusses the fact that real Jewish individuals understand that Islamophobia and Antisemitism are joined at the hip. Where there is one, the other exists too, because the source of hate is the same. Historically, it was the Muslims of The Ottoman Empire that gave refuge to the Jews fleeing Europe's anti-semitism. Every once and a while it seems that the ugly head of hate rises in Europe and chooses "Non-Europeans" as escape goats. The Jews were the original goats, now it's the Muslim's turn. Ironically, people like Pamela Geller and her sidekicks are not real practicing Jews that care about the Jewish Community, so they don't have any real interest in Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia because people who perpetrate this hate are like themselves. By calling other real Jews "Dhimmis" they are trying to discredit the truth they speak. We as Muslims don't have any problems with real Jews who are people of the book, however just like there are Pseudo-Muslims, there are Pseudo-Jews that do not care about traditional practicing Jews getting hurt. I as a Muslim am happy when I see Jewish things, because I know these are people who believe in the one God and that I can eat their Kosher meat in the absence of Halal meat! However, people like Pamela Gellar and Al-Qaeda who have political motivations don't like to see Jews and Muslims being friends. Coincidentally, there is a Jewish-Muslim event we are going to this weekend! The 3rd Annual Jewish-Muslim Conference!


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