Justice in Islam

According to the Islamic worldview, the whole world is a reality based on equity and justice. The heavens and the earth have been set up on this very basis. Everything in the world is calculated and planned out...

"He has raised the heaven and has set up a standard for everything" - The Holy Qur'an 55:7

Everything moves forward towards it's goal. There is nothing disorderly, eventhough it may appear so. Hazrat Ali has said, "justice means putting everything in its place." In contrast, injustice means putting a thing out of its due place. Any deviation from the general rules and relations governing the world, will cause confusion and disorder, and will disturb the balance maintained by natural laws. Everything has to move in its own orbit and advance towards its evolution. Balance and order are the laws governing nature. Nature is not free to choose what kind of mutual relationship it should have or whether it should or should not maintain a balance. (If you are familiar with WOW it would be the NPCs!) Even the reaction produced by some sort of disturbance in nature is meant to restore the balance. This also follows an already prescribed course. Any disturbance in the natural order of things has its own special method and procedure when order in a wider sense is disturbed, nature itself produces some correctives from within or without. For example, if your body is infected with germs, your body also sends out white blood cells to defend your body. This is an example of God's law of setting the balance straight as it says in The Holy Qur'an.


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