Muhammad: Mukhayriq 'the best of the Jews'

This is an interesting coincidence, just yesterday I had written about the traditional good relations of Jews and Muslims in the Medieval era (Almoravid, Ottoman, Safavid, etc.), however here comes an article talking about the Jewish-Muslim relations during the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This story about Mukhayriq, the Jewish ally of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) re-confirms the context of the chapter in the Holy Qur'an that speaks of "not making friends with Jews and Christians" that belong to the hostile tribes that are trying to kill the Muslims, Jews, Christians, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and others. Mukhayriq was one of the righteous Jews that stood firm against the hypocrisy of his fellow Jewish, Christian, and Pagan tribes that were trying to wipe out Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Muslims, and anybody else that was friends with the Muslims. Read more:


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