Orlando Sentinel - "Muslims: Living with Honor"

This is such a great article by the Orlando Sentinel in regards to how Muslims are treated like second class citizens (reminds me of the Jews in WWII Germany) and how still Muslims manage to live with honor. The case they are speaking of is that of Rifqa Bary and her family. How the family has been portrayed and how the Muslims in general have been portrayed because of this family and legal matter that should not have had anything to do with Islam and Muslims:

"Sophisticated bigotry is bigotry nonetheless. When intolerant political forces align to misuse the courts to obfuscate the law and violate the civil rights of others, all law-abiding Americans must take heed. Nowadays, it has become too acceptable to stereotype Muslims, even in polite society, and to generalize this faith of millions of Americans without thinking twice of the toll it takes on the community at large.

Not a day goes by that some anti-Muslim rhetoric dehumanizing and reducing them to a caricature goes unchallenged in the media. Meanwhile, the seldom-solicited Muslim perspective is suspected and dismissed as Islamist or Jihadist by a certain audience."

Read More: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/opinion/os-ed-myword-rifqa-bary-120109-20091130,0,7767583.story


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