Starting a Columbus "Islam" Festival

When I worked as the President of The Muslim Forum of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah, we helped start a festival known as the "SLAM Festival" which stands for the Salt Lake American Muslim festival. The main organizer for the festival is a brother by the name of "Ghulam Hasnain". We pushed for this festival because it reminded us of the value of the Hajj. A place where all the Muslim ethnic groups can come together and share experiences with each other. In addition, it was a great opportunity for the Non-Muslim community to experience what American Muslims have to offer! Here is a clip of the news coverage three years ago about the SLAM Festival. The African-American brother that is talking on behalf of The Muslim Forum of Utah is Br. Abdul Malik Muhammad who was our Public Relations Director for the MFU: Let's brainstorm and see what we can do to have one of our own here in Columbus some day inshallah!


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