Wearing Quranic Verses

Something that I realized the other day is that some individuals are not aware of Islamic traditions going back as far as Sultan Saladin, Sultan Mehmet and all the way to The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The Prophet used to wear a ring that said "Muhammad Rasool Allah", which means "Muhammad the Prophet of Allah". The Holy Quran, while it is a revelation from Allah (swt), is itself a very sacred book. Every verse has its own merit in meaning, recitation and even just looking at the printed text of the verse in its original Arabic form. These are no ordinary words. These are the words of Allah (swt). So, having a verse hanging on a child or on yourself in the form of bracelet, pendant, or ring is not shirk. It is merely using something precious to us by virtue of it being Allah's (swt) words. The Holy Quran, in its own merit, also has the power to heal. Allah (swt) says in the Holy Quran: "And we reveal of the Quran what is a cure and mercy for the believers....." 17:82 May Allah (swt) guide all to success. Allaho A'lam.


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