Muslims, Christians, and Jews believe in the same Allah

This is a really good article in regards to the relationship of the three Abrahamic faiths and their belief in Allah or "The God":

The three revealed faiths sent down as a blessing by our Lord through true prophets and true scriptures, Islam and the uncorrupted, genuine forms of Christianity and Judaism, share many common beliefs. Although the Torah and the Injil were gradually corrupted over the course of time, the essence and moral values of the true faith are still to a large extent preserved in these books sent down from the Presence of Allah. These uncorrupted parts can clearly be seen when looked at using the Qur’an and the hadith as a guide. These three revealed faiths all believe in the absolute existence of Allah, that He is eternal, that He created the universe from nothing and that He rules all matter with His almighty power. Muslims, Christians and Jews also oppose the same intellectual errors. They share the same intellectual struggle against atheism, irreligion, racism, fascism and moral degeneration. All three faiths strive to preach the existence of Allah in the same way. Members of all three faiths aim for a world full of justice in which everyone will know Allah, sincerely believe in and submit to Him, and live in peace and tolerance. Members of all three faiths act out of a fear and love of Allah, follow in the path of His messengers and abide by His revelation. Read more: Muslims, Christians and Jews worship one Allah


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