Hearts, Minds, and Honor

"Allah will not call you to account for thoughtlessness in your oaths, but for the intention in your hearts; and He is Oft-forgiving, Most Forbearing." - Quran 2:225

It is interesting to note that people justify their actions and judge others based on intentions that are not pure and then accuse others of doing likewise. People who only see evil in others are most likely evil themselves, but they do not perceive it. There are times when people try to appear they are pious and well wishing, however they are hypocritical in that they do not see what is in their hearts and the hearts of others and follow rules without the spirit. Just by following the rules of faith does not make somebody more pious. Rules are made by the spirit, and it is the rules that submit to the spirit. The spirit should not submit to the rules. When a person gives an oath, they are held accountable only to God in the sense of what is truly in their hearts vs. the outcome. A person needs to have heart, mind, body, and spirit in tune in order to become a better servant of God.

Regardless of what religion one believes in, it is not the law itself but the spirit of the law that is more important. Legalism in faith has been abused by many through history, one recalls things like the Inquisition, Crusades, and puritanical so called Jihads. Today's world is full of people who think they are following the true religion, however they forget why the religion exists in the first place. It is not to pass judgement on others or to persecute them for not adhering to the law of the religion, but rather it is to teach people about the spirit of the law. The law itself is just a vehicle for transferring knowledge, but not meant for judgement.

Any strain of any religion that oversteps it's bounds in regards to the law of the religion generally becomes "batil" or false in the sense that it no longer represents the truth of the faith. Religion is not something that is only a bunch of rules that can be changed for the right amount of money. It is not to be bought and sold, this is why we as Muslims are not allowed to actually "sell" a Quran, but rather we "gift" it to others for a donation if necessary to pay for the printing of it. However, that does not mean that you set up a business of getting donations and forget why you are distributing the Quran itself. Which is a good analogy of the spirit of the law vs. the law in faith and religion. God knows best.


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