Spiritually Asleep

Considering some changes that are happening in my life as we speak, I recalled this clip from my childhood memory about the fact that without changes in a person's life, we do not awaken to what our real purpose and goals are in life. Also, the new opportunities that lie ahead. This clip is from David Lynch's "Dune": If we do our best and then we are either rewarded or punished, there is a deeper wisdom to it...that is described in the Holy Qur'an: "...and Allah guides whom He wills to a way that is straight." - Al-Quran 24:46 meaning that sometimes what we may think is the right path, may in fact be the wrong path for us so God helps guide us in the correct path by putting choices in front of us that at the moment may appear either positive or negative. We must always do our best to do what is right by making decisions based on sound judgement, however when we are proven that something is meant to be...by the signs that God puts in front of us, then we must accept our fate and move on. Allaho A'lam. God knows best.


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