We Are Alone...

We are alone in this world, even though we have people surrounding us. Yes, people share things with you, however in the beginning and in the end, it is only us and God. Nobody came with me when I was born and when I die, nobody will go with me. So, this brings us to an interesting point...what does the brotherhood of man and sisterhood of woman mean for a person and especially a Muslim who has submitted to Gods way?

There are certain things on this bridge of existence we call the world that can be shared like food, opinions, and thoughts. However, when somebody is in need, how do we give them companionship? This is where Islam teaches that as a friend, you should never go three days without keeping in touch with family and friends. We as Muslims are supposed to share our lives with others, instead of doing nothing but amassing wealth and judging others. Contrary to what people like Glenn Beck believe, life is all about social justice. Those who do not care about social justice are of the people of Pharoah. The type of people who persecuted the Jews, Christians, and Muslims through out history are part of this Pharoanic Priesthood of thought.

"What we do in life echoes an eternity", however what we hoard in life and the pursuit of material supremacy only leaves us alone. Many people who are billionares or are "successful" at their work end up being the loneliest people on earth, because they had to sacrifice their friends and family to be with all these dead things such as money, cars, and houses. I recommend seeing the movie "I Am Legend" to see how one man has the world to himself, but without people to share it with...it is like living in hell. People take each other for granted and do not appreciate each other as they should, however at some point in their life they will come to understand the true meaning of life, which is not found in some book of laws. It is about how you treated your friends, family, co-worker, animals, trees, plants, etc. It is how you put forth a positive intention in your life towards other sentient beings created by the One God. God is most great and knows best.


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