Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran

(Notice the "Heil" salute along with the Imperial Iranian Soldiers in German style uniforms.)

Before the talk of the USA or Israel invading / attacking Iran, the Iraqis did so under Saddam Hussein and previous to that was the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran during World War II in the more modern post Medieval era. What is interesting to note is that Iranians at that time liked the Germans and Americans, but did not trust the British and the Russians.  During World War II Reza Shah Pahlavi had brought Iran closer to Germany (hence the German style military Uniforms of Iranian Imperial troops during World War II and the formation of the secular Iranian Nazi Party "Hezb-e-Sumka".  Following the forced abdication of Reza Shah Pahlavi I and the throwning of Reza Shah Pahlavi II, the uniforms became English/French and later American).   In 1925, Reza Shah overthrew Ahmad Shah Qajar, the last Shah of the Qajar dynasty, and founded the Pahlavi Dynasty, which consisted of himself and ended with his son. He established an authoritarian government that valued nationalismmilitarismsecularism and anti-communism combined with strict censorship and state propaganda.  

WWII era Imperial Iranian (German Style) Uniform and WWII era Hezb-e-Sumka flag (a modified version of the "Farvahar" of Zoroastrianism that has been defiled.  The real symbol is the symbol of the Zoroastrian God "Ahura Mazda", however they have reduced it to 'sticks')

Modern Neo-Sumka flag / standard based on the Persian "Deravsh Kaviani" (this is a defiling use of this historic symbol/flag that was not mean to be a symbol of hatred against Jews, Muslims, and Arabs)  The same way the Swastika was misused, this flag is being misused.  

The Germans used the common "Aryan" heritage of Iranians as a reason for this strategic alliance.  This concerned the British who feared that the Iranian "Abadan" Oil Refinery, owned by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, might fall into German hands — the refinery produced eight million tons of oil in 1940 and was thus a crucial part of the Allied war effort. For the Soviets, Iran was a country of extreme strategic importance. The German Army (Wehrmacht Heer) was steadily advancing through the Soviet Union and the Persian Corridor was one of the few ways for the Allies to get desperately needed Lend-Lease supplies to the Soviets from the United States.  The Germans had already built railways that were of a different size to that of the Soviets so that they could transport their equipment/troops, however in the case the Soviets invaded Iran, they would not be able to use them.  

The secular ultra-nationalist Hezb-e-Sumka was promoted by Reza Shah Pahlavi I with the help of the Germans.  More specifically they liked to promote it amongst the Nobility and other notables of the upper classes who would trickle down the ideology to the middle class and lower classes of society.  It was a two fold goal of attracting the rich and the poor to the idea of racial purity and the "Aryan" aspect of the Persians.  This idea attracted all classes, depending on their needs.  The Rich liked power and position and the poor liked the idea of "National Socialism".  This went along well with the Anti-Islamic Westernization of the Shah at that time.  

A modern Neo-Sumka Brownshirt kissing the old flag of the Shah along with the secular ultra-nationalist "Pan-Iranian" flag. 

Westernization in Iran at one time was the same as Fascism, that is something that many people in the west today do not understand and look at Iran as being "Anti-Western".  However, the reason why Iran even until today tends to be against Western influence relates to the German Fascists, Russian Communists as well as the English, French, and other Socialists or Colonialists.  One thing about today's Iran is that it is very open to all things western, however not on an official governmental level.  

Iranians tend to mimic Americans and probably Europeans more than any other group of people.  The reason is historic as I have mentioned before where Iranians have always had a positive view of Americans and Germans since at least World War II, but due to the way Iran has been treated, they have ironically taken Britain and Russia to have better relations with.  This is why during one of the Green Movement rallies in Iran you hear the slogan "death to Russia", even though it is currently an ally of Iran!  

Considering that the Middle East is a place that people forget things very slowly or if at all, it would be a major miscalculation for the USA to listen to the hawks and actually repeat such a historic folly of attacking Iran, even by proxy.  The current Iranian administration is a bit hot headed, however that does not mean that President Obama can not strike a diplomatic solution and possibly form a new alliance with Iran!  There is a term my mother used to say is that "you can bring a Cobra out of it's den with sweet voice".  

Here are some pictures of Iran and Iranians today that mimic American culture:

Iranian Army (similar to American & German uniforms)

Iranian Metal Band

Iranian-American Monarchist, Nationalist, Marxist, and Ultra-Nationalist Protesters in Los Angeles, California 
(Not to be confused with the Green Movement of Mousavi)

Picture from an advertisement for Iranian made cars

Female Iranian-American Astronaut

The current Iranian administration has more in common with extreme left leaning politics than the right wing Iranian Nazis or Ultra-Nationalists.  If anything, the current government in Iran (in contrast with the Khatami administration that was more normative) has a lot of marxist ideals that have slipped in with the Islamic ideals.  In a strange way similar to the group that opposes them which is the MEK or "Mujahedeen Khalq", which until recently used a Communist style white flag with red sickle/machine gun on it.  The MEK are called "The Munafiqeen" or hypocrits by the current Iranian regime.  During the time of the revolution the MEK were part of the revolution along side the Hezb-e-Tudeh or Iranian Communist Party.  After the revolution in 1979, the Islamists (along with turn coat Communists) took control of the government but ended up pushing out the MEK or MKO as they are called.  The current Iranian government in the last 30 years or so has alternated between left and right leaning ideologies that go from capitalist to communist with both having nationalist viewpoints.  However, the communist tendencies and the fundamentalist hardliners have certain things in common that puts them on the same page to a certain degree. The normative middle is a combination of religious and secular centrists of both the left and the right.  However, just like any country you are always going to have your extremists.  

Regarding the current secular trend in the right wing politics of Iranians...attention must be paid to the secularist ultra-nationalist groups that promote hatred of Muslims and Jews.  As I have mentioned before, when there is Islamophobia...there is also Anti-Semitism.  This following video talks about the Anti-Islamic/Anti-Arab/Anti-Jewish mindset of the the secularist ultra-nationalists (An interesting note is that the original SUMKA and the Neo-SUMKA party have a different outlook on Arabs and Islam...the original SUMKA party of WWII was not anti-Zoroastrian, anti-Arab or Anti-Muslim.  The neo-SUMKA consider even Zoroastrianism to be tainted with non-Aryan teachings, so they promote a form of Proto-Iranian Paganism and/or secular style Athiesm):
This is another video produced by Iranian secularist ultra-nationalists: 

Here is more information I ran across in regards to the Neo-SUMKA groups on the rise amongst the Islamophobic/Anti-Islamic/Anti-Semite/Anti-Arab secular Iranian community:

Obviously this is a danger to Iran's 99% Muslim population as well as the rest of Iranian and other Jews in the world.  There is a lot of room for Iran to become normalized if given the chance, however if Iran is attacked, it will only serve the interests of fanatics of every faith and creed (ie. Fundamentalist Hardliners and Secularist Ultra-Nationalists).  This is why it is so important for the USA to find a diplomatic solution with Iran, instead of a military one. 

Let's see what the Iranian Seculars / Monarchists (Nazi supporters) are doing today:


n said…
I don't think you can compare the Islamic Dictatorship with Marxists, they are NOTHING alike. Marxism is actually secularism and discourages religion. The Mullah Regime despises Communism. At the same time the Mullah Regime persecutes minorities like the Bah'ai (that is fascism) and killed ANYONE who abandoned Islam, whereas the Shah regime not so much. There is also NO evidence that Marxists killed people who've abandoned religion, or hung people for minor acts or even "Crimes of God".
Actually, it was the Marxists such as the MKO who were part of the revolution. The MKO was also the bodyguards of Saddam Hussein. Stalin persecuted people of all faiths and killed 26 million people (Communism).

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