The Historic Revisionism of Shaka Zulu

Growing up my brother and I used to watch the Shaka Zulu miniseries / movie that depicts the last great Emperor of South Africa by the name of Shaka Zulu.  We had this movie memorized word for word and had studied all of it's historic backround for years.  I still watch it occasionally as well as listen to it's epic soundtrack.  Except for Shaka's short comings in his personal life, he was a great leader and force of change.  There are a lot of good quotes in the original movie as well that are universal.  Here is a list of things I noticed about the new movie vs. the old: 
1. Shaka was never taken as a slave. 
2. Shaka had his only son killed.
3. His Zulu nation never went against Arabs or Muslims of any sort.
4. Shaka had 8 concubines and possibly one principle wife/concubine. 
5. The two original actors from the original movie are in the new movie playing the role of Shaka and the British Lt. 

Here is a clip from the old movie: 

However, there is a new version of this movie ( that has been made for political reasons in a similar fashion to the movie "300" (where Iranians look like demons). In order to scare African-Americans away from Islam. In the new movie they depict Shaka Zulu going to war with Arabs!

 This is historically inaccurate and a shame on the people who produced the new movie. But what can you expect when David Hasselhof is the lead character in the movie? Regardless, this new revisionism of historic events in order to demonize Muslims is sad and pathetic and should be looked into. I recommend a book called "Reel Bad Arabs" which lists every movie etc. in western history that depicts Muslims and Easterners in an demonic light. The same is true of other movies such as Lord of the Rings which has the evil Orcs carrying scimitars!

Buy the original 10 part miniseries that is a classic and a masterpiece:


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