The Persian Sahaba: Iranian Companions of The Prophet

Here is a list of the Iranian Companions of The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)...something that many Persians and even others are not aware of.  Most people think that there was only Salman Al-Farsi or "Salman The Persian".  However, there were more...

Salman the Persian- he was born in Persia but embarked on a long and continuous journey (away from his homeland) in search of the truth. He ultimately reached his destination in Arabia, when he met Muhammad and converted to Islam. It was his suggestion to build a trench in the Battle of the Trench that ultimately resulted in a defeat for the force of the enemies of the Muslims.

Fayruz al-Daylami
Munabbih ibn Kamil- he was a Persian knight. He had two sons, who were both Islamic scholars.

Salim Mawla Abu-Hudhayfah- he was a highly respected and valued Muslim (among his fellow Muslims), who died while fighting against the forces of Musaylimah during the Wars of Apostasy. Umar ibn al-Khattāb suggested he would have designated Salim as his successor to the Caliphate had he still been alive.

Badhan (Persian Governor)- he was the Sassanid Persian Governor of Yemen who converted to Islam after one of Muhammad’s prophecies was proven to be correct. As a result, every Persian in Yemen followed his example and also converted to Islam.

I will write more on this subject inshallah. 


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