BOOK REVIEW: "God's Warriors - Knights Templar, Saracens, and the Battle for Jerusalem" by Dr. Helen Nicholson & Dr. David Nicolle

I was just at the local bookstore yesterday and picked up a relatively new book called "God's Warriors" by Dr. Helen Nicholson & Dr. David Nicolle.  First it invoked thoughts of the Dungeons and Dragons "Paladin" class character (which has always been my favorite because they stand for truth and justice), however digging deeper I found out it is published by "Osprey Publishing" which is the #1 publisher of military history.  
What is the most interesting thing to note on this book is that it appears to be a historic military novel, however it is all non-fiction and very historically accurate.  It explains the Christian-Muslim conflict in the Crusades in depth  with information about both the Christian and Muslim fighters (ie. Knights Templar vs. Saracen Faris) who took part in this unfortunate time in our human history.  

The video below speaks of "What is a true Holy Warrior in Islam?":

The reason why I enjoyed this book has to do with the fact that it has a more potent message than a person would think if they just glanced at the book, that is of the point that Christians and Muslims can live together in peace. John S. Basset who is a professor at a college gave the information to the author to write this book.  

I recommend this book to all those who would like to learn more about how Christians and Muslims can live in harmony with one another, which is very timely, more than ever before!

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The Movie "Kingdom of Heaven" would be very similar and/or close in content to this book: 

Another movie that was interesting is "Dinotopia" which portrays the unity between Christian and Muslim in a "Utopian" society.  Where the flag of the nation of "Dinotopia" has a Crescent encircling the Cross in a United Christian-Muslim nation.  

The future of the world is something that can be fixed if we choose to make the right decisions.  Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all Abrahamic faiths that can and should stand united in the face of adversity of those who wish to create world without religion.  As all these faiths know, a world without religion does not last long.  All the holy books have stories of nations that have fallen due to their lack of the understanding of God and his way of peace and harmony.  We do not want to be one of those worlds or nations, so we have to start now and try to educate people about one another.  The Abrahamic faiths such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam should know the most about each other, however you have people such as Pamela Gellar, Robert Spencer, and others who try to divide Christians, Muslims, and Jews.  They try to hurt people by using fascist rhetoric and creating issues, where there are no issues.  Live and let live should be our goal, however those who's hearts are full of darkness wish to destroy any chance at peace and understanding.  In the end, truth will stand out clear from error.  

The reason why the USA has been able to deal with so many challenges is because it has always stood for truth and justice (it is like a Paladin nation).  No matter who you are, you have a chance here to be who and what you want to be without infringing on other people's rights (hopefully, and if you do, the law is there to take care of it), only if you take the initiative.  What else could be more Islamic, Christian, or Jewish than that?  


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