The Evil of the Pakistani Taliban

For a long time the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and other Neo-Khawarij that have been been teaching a literalist and misguided interpretation of Islam have been attacking traditional Sunni, Shia, and Sufi Muslims in Pakistan.  You would have read about traditional Sunnis, Shia, Sufis and Ahmadi groups in Pakistan being attacked in various ways.  Especially the professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, etc. (similar tactic used by the Serbians on the Bosnians during the ethnic cleansing and holocaust)

This new chapter in the killing of traditional and/or minority Muslim groups such as the Ahmadi is nothing new, however the intensity is more than before due to the fact that the Taliban have gotten a foothold in Pakistan more than ever before.  The funding for these groups originally started from the Arabian Penninsula to Pakistan then to Afghanistan especially during the Russian-Afghan War.  However, as time went by this funding continued to the post "Mujahedin" era and on to the "Taliban".  These same kind of misguided groups also do civilian attacks in the Phillipines, Somalia, and other parts of the world that the Muslim communities have been infiltrated by these Neo-Khawarij.  

The true faith of Islam does not teach these things, infact it teaches the opposite.  Here is a good website to read about how ISLAM DENOUNCES TERRORISM: 

For too long Muslim communities have sat by and felt powerless while the uneducated misguided and politically motivated fanatics try to take the helm of Islam.  However, as the Holy Qur'an says...if we do not protect Islam against such teachings and groups, then we will be replaced by those who can.  God does not change the condition of a people, unless they make intention to take action.  We as a Muslim "Ummah" or community need to condemn and stop these terrorist un-Islamic actions or we will have to answer to God on the day of judgement.  A true Muslim would struggle against these crazies if they want to serve Allah (swt).

Here is an interview with a dreaded Taliban Fighter that has been captured in Pakistan:

Here is the Grand Mufti of Syria rejecting and denouncing the Taliban type of horror and lies:

Here is an Islamic Scholar that has issued a "Fatwa" or religious edict against Terrorism:

Some may say that the traditional schools of Islam have it all wrong and that these Neo-Khawarij are right, but I beg to differ.  Nothing they do other than their label is that of a Muslim.  How is it possible that a faith taught by a man who allowed a bedouin Arab to urinate in front of him in his Holy Mosque and was not hurt, but instead taught about Islam with sweet words, which made the Pagan Arab Bedouin accept Islam due to the tolerance shown by the Prophet and then convert his whole tribe....have such intolerant un-Islamic teachings such as that of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and the rest of the Neo-Khawarij?  The answer lies in the dirty games of politics, tribalism, money, power, and greed.  Terrorist organizations not only function like Mafias, but they are also in contact with the world's Mafias.  How else is it possible for them to move around so easily...unless they are connected to some organized crime?  This is an important note, because if they are connected to organized crime, that means all this "racial profiling" does not work.  You could have a western mafia person do everything that the Terrorists want, without ever being profiled at the airport!  The reality of the matter is that the terrorist groups are nothing more than opportunists and those guilty of fitna, bida, and shirk combined.   There is no place in Islam for the harming of civilians, women, children, the old, the sick, animals, trees even!  How is it possible that these Pakistani Taliban go into an Ahmadi Mosque in Pakistan and shoot people and blow them up with grenades?  How can they call themselves a Muslim??  They are holding machine guns from the Minaret!  Instead of calling to prayer, they are calling to death!  This is blasphemy!  This is satanic evil!  


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