Neo-Brownshirt's Bill Aims To Strip "Certain" Americans Of Their Citizenship

I had a feeling that this would be coming up next in regards to the outrageous Anti-American right wing agenda of the Neo-Brown Shirts...Sen. Joe Lieberman is part of a bipartisan group of legislators that introduced a bill Thursday that would strip citizenship from any American found to be involved in terrorism.  I many made up terrorism charges would be filed against the 7-10 million American Muslims?  If this bill passes, an American Muslim (even if they don't practice and are anti-Islamic) who is accused of terrorism, even if they have nothing to do with it could have their citizenship stripped!  That is like saying that every American that is put in prison will have their citizenship stripped!  For example, the Christian Hutaree Militia that was accused of terrorism would have their citizenship stripped, however this bill obviously is targeting Muslims first.  Then when it is convenient it will probably target the rest of the population that does not agree with the right wing agenda.  

This is the most outrageous bill I have heard of in recent times that sounds just like what Hitler would have done against the Jews in Germany.  Read more about this bill here: 

Hopefully Americans wake up before they are stripped daily of their constitutional rights.  


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