The Essence of Republican Rule

"Liberals, while enjoying the perquisites of office, also want to be in a position to use government to solve problems.  But conservatives have different motives for wanting power.  One is to prevent liberals from doing so; if government cannot be made to disappear, at least it can be prevented from doing any good.  The other is to build a political machine in which business and the Republican Party can exchange mutual favors; business will lavish cash on politicians (called campaign contributions) while politicians will throw the money back at business (called public policy).  Conservatism will always attract its share of young idealists.  And young idealists will always be disillusioned by the sheer amount of corruption that people like Gingrich and DeLay generate.  If yesterday's conservative was a liberal mugged by reality, today's is a free-marketer fattened by pork." - Alan Wolfe, Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania (professor of political science and director of the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public life at Boston College, and a prolific author.)

If you understand what Professor Wolfe has said, then you understand the essence of Republican rule.  This is why the past 8 years before President Obama was nothing but money making gimmicks for businesses supported by the Republican Party.  Now that the government's and public's money have all been drained and given to Republicans and their businesses, we are all left out to dry.  President Obama with all his knowledge and wisdom is having to deal with a very serious situation that is the legacy of Republican and/or so called Conservative rule.  The economic woes and stock market crashes, the immigration problem, wars in Iraq/Afghanistan, and other issues are all due to 8 years of both neglect and greed (money being poured into Republican businesses.)

Due to the fact that the country does change hands from party to party, we need to make sure those of either major party stay true to the constitution and the USA.  Some people who are fanatical have started treasonous movements against the US Government, such as this "Texas Nationalist Movement": This is something that we need to stay vigilant on because Texas's economic power is similar to that of Germany in the European Union.  For Texas to pull away would create major discord and instability for the USA.  Only the enemies of the United States of America would push for Texas sovereignty.  As an American I would never support the secession of Texas or any other state.  If this was to take place, the USA would be forced to invade and take Texas back.  If the USA lost Texas or other major economic hubs, it would be the end of the USA as we know it.  The question rises, why would Republican Fundamentalists want such a thing to happen?  I have my own ideas, but I welcome anybody else that has insight on this.

Those who say that President Obama is not doing a good job have child-like short memories and mentality.  He has not been in office for long and he is in charge of cleaning up 8 years of mess.  That 8 years of mess may take twice as long to fix.  We have been set back probably 20 years.  Slowly but surely we are regaining our power and prestige, but it takes time to get to full capacity again.

President Eisenhower warning of the Military Industrial Complex (War Profiteering):

Along with the so called Conservative rule of the Republican Party, there is also this fundamentalist Christian push to declare the founding fathers as Fundamentalist Christians, which is far from the truth...For example, let's take a look at what our founding father Thomas Jefferson has said regarding religion and more specifically Islam and Muslims:

"Where the preamble declares, that coercion is a departure from the plan of the holy author of our religion, an amendment was proposed by inserting "Jesus Christ," so that it would read "A departure from the plan of Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion;" the insertion was rejected by the great majority, in proof that they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and MOHAMMEDAN, the Hindoo and Infidel of every denomination."

-Thomas Jefferson, Autobiography, in reference to the Virginia Act for Religious Freedom

Thomas Jefferson's fondness for Islam was reflected in his library collection where he also owned a Holy Quran, which is coincidentally the same one that Congressman Keith Ellison swore in on as the first American Muslim Congressman!

The term "Mohammedan" was used during that time period to describe Muslims.  However, the terminology is not correct, because we follow the "peace and harmony of God", which is what Islam means and one who follows Islam is a Muslim.

There are many quotes from Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and others that reflect their openmindedness to various religions and lifestyles.  They did not push any particular religion on to America, if anything they pushed Freemasonry which is why you read "One Nation Under God" or "In God We Trust".  The main rule of being accepted as a Freemason is that you have to believe in "A" supreme being.  Be it Allah, Jesus, Buddha, etc.  So, when you read the word "God" anywhere in American governmental institutions it is because of Freemasonry rather than Christianity in particular.  "One Nation Under God" means exactly that, that there is "A supreme being" which we call by various names, however that does not change the nature of God or the "Supreme Being" or "The Creator".  In an interesting twist, freemasonry developed from the Knights Templar of Europe after they went on the Crusades.  The Crusades served as a vehicle for the spread of Islamic Sufi ideology.  The Knights Templar went back to Europe after their discovery of Islamic Sufism and tried to teach these Islamic concepts of universality of faith.  Quickly this was denounced by the Catholic Church at the time and the Knights Templar were both disbanded and persecuted.  They fled to Scotland where they formed the "Scottish Rite" of Freemasons.  Then later the English "York Rite" developed.  The tradition of Islamic Sufi universality spread from England to America after the colonial period.  George Washington and the rest of the founding fathers were all Freemasons who believed in a supreme being or "God"...which could have been Khoda, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Yahweh, etc who were following most likely Islamic Sufism, Christian Gnosticism, or Jewish Kabbalah.  (Remember: To be a Freemason  you have to believe in God, does not matter what you call God.).

Coincidentally, the Freemasons have various titles in their fraternity that include the terms "Templar" or "Shriner".  Templar meaning the Christian Knights Templar and Shriners to mean the Muslim Saracen Faris or those who worship at the Shrines like the traditional Sunnis, Shias, and Sufis who visit the tombs of living Prophets and Saints.  What regular religious communities wanted to do ideologically, but were not able to do was somewhat accomplished as it would appear by the Freemasons who have brought Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, etc. together in brotherhood under God in the same temple.  Of course most religious groups would object to this idea that Freemasons have anything to do with their faith, however in practice Freemasonry appears to be reaching the goal which all the world's faiths have been trying to reach.  There are individuals who have different ways of looking at Freemasonry, such as the Islamic Scholar Dr. Adnan Oktar who considers freemasonry some sort of an abomination.  Then there are others who say that the origins of freemasonry has it's roots in Islam.  The reason for most religious groups (Muslim, Christian, Jewish, etc.) objecting to the idea of Freemasonry has to do with the idea that their faith is being usurped by a community that does not divide on the grounds of what one would call God.  Also, these ideas of the universal brotherhood of humankind sends "New World Order" chills down the spines of many, however the majority of religions teach this ideology in essence.  Why else would we as Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc. say "Brother" or "Sister" to one another?

So, we see that all this claiming (by both Muslim and Christian Fundamentalists) that the United States of America is a Christian Nation, one formed under Christianity, or is a Christian State is all incorrect.  That is not to say that America is not a "Christian Majority" country, which it is.  However, the basis of the USA is not that of being a Christian State or having Church and State as one.  Church and State is seperated, however Spirituality and State is not seperated as can be seen with our Freemason Founding Fathers who believed in God (of various labels).


otowi said…
Unfortunately,unless some of the hostile sentiment settles, I think Obama might not get 8 years and of course not 20, to try to fix things.
Unfortunately, I agree with you...I pray that he can stay long enough to fix things inshallah. As we see the world in chaos (ie. European Union) the last bastion of true freedom and the ability for the pursuit of happiness is the USA. God forbid, once the USA is gone, where will everybody go? It is critical that these ideological extremists in general understand the consequences of their actions. A world without America would be a dark world. Just look at the situations all across the globe, do you feel safe living any place else? People have to wake up and support President Obama in order to bring about positive change inshallah.

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