Intern Campaign Field Coordinator for United Voices

National Announcement:

Please send this to community listservs and to activists in the DC, VA, MD area.  Thank you

United Voices has an immediate need for highly motivated, intelligent, and dedicated individuals for helping minority youth to become political and civic leaders through our summer political leadership training school in Washington DC. Learning Opportunities/ 


How to encourage civic participation in the political process from disenfranchised youth minorities.  Education and tours of DC with hands on civic engagement education.  Community organizing and recruitment for campaigning and projects. Creating student opportunities to appraise their own abilities in leadership and civic engagement.  Coalition Building of different disenfranchised minority groups.  Duties, Qualifications, and Projects 

Lead our grassroots campaign effort in the Washington DC Metro area. Be familiar with the DC area orgs, mosques (and other houses of worship) to organize, facilitate, assist in organizing the event while it happens, and market the event beforehand to local disenfranchised minority groups. 

Facilitating and event organizing our summer program in civic leadership for minority youth

Contacting speakers, mostly from universities around DC area, to speak at our events
Outreach to organizers and organizations to recruit constituents to our programs
Building community relationships and relationships with minority communities
Marketing to potential students, schools, campus groups, and religious organizations

Suggested Skills

Strong Interpersonal and communication skills on phone and in person
Experience with Desktop Computer, Microsoft Word, Internet, social media to market, and Excel
Logistical Event Support and Event Organizing
Campaigning, community organizing, and coalition building
Critical thinking and being pro active when given a loose framework of instructions


Cover Letter and Resume
3 references (not related to you) and 2 Letters of Recommendation (not related to you)

This unpaid internship will last until about the middle of August. Candidates should demonstrate a pleasing attitude & proactive initiative.

Send Applications to Mr. Ali at


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