Evangelical-Qaeda Is Having A Qur'an Burning Party!

It's finally happened, the Nazi ideology of the Tea Party, Extremist Evangelicals, Palinists, Spencerists, Gellarists, and all those Daniel Pipe-Dreams have come true in Florida (the great state of Muslim Bashing) where the Dove World Outreach Church is going to sponsor a "Qur'an Burning Party" or BBQ.  

Here is an excerpt of what The Dove World Outreach Church will be burning:

"Behold," the angels told Mary, "God has given you the glad news of the coming birth of a son whom He calls His Word, whose name will be Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, who will be a man of honor in this life and the life to come, and who will be one of the ones nearest to God. - The Holy Qur'an 3:45

(Ever notice the word "World" or "Globe" is used in every Extremist Church? Similar to their Al-Qaeda friends...delusions of grandeur runs deep in the crazy people of earth.  I think they need to keep their "outreach" to themselves.)

So, should we be second guessing ourselves with all these Brownshirts?  Burning Books now? What's next?  Burning Muslims in Ovens? Using Muslims for experiments?  Taking our Gold teeth out?  What else are these right wing Nazi Fascists going to do?

If we are still The United States of America, we need to put a stop to this right wing Nazism...The FBI instead of taking training lessons from Robert Spencer and his ilk should instead investigate him and his Nazi Party or should I say Pre-Nazi Party of "Brownshirts".

Burning the Holy Qur'an?  Book of 1.5 Billion Muslims?  Are you serious?  I can't believe I have lived in this country for the past 35 years of my life and have seen it come to this...people actually believing that Nazism is American.  Did you forget Star Wars?  The Republic?  The Empire?  Darth Vader?  The Emperor? The Jedis? The Sith?

It seems that the Sith are taking over today's Islamophobia to new levels.  I am so disgusted by this book burning that it makes me sad for the future of our nation.  I sometimes wonder if there really are back deals between Al-Qaeda and Evangelical-Qaeda.

Tell you what Evangelical-Qaeda...you burn as many Qur'ans as you want, I will just produce a few billion more digital copies and donate my hard earned cash to the printing of more Holy Qur'ans.  Unfortunately, you have not seen the movie the Book of Eli...The Holy Qur'an during the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was memorized by people who are called "Hafiz".  They are protectors of the Holy Qur'an, even if there is not one single Holy Qur'an left in print.  The Hafiz worldwide, even if at 10% of 1.5 billion Muslims (there is actually more than 10%)...is many more than the books or people you can burn or kill in your Nazi hatred of Muslims. The hypocrite Muslim Al-Qaeda & The hypocrite Christian Evangelicals are two flames from the same fire of hell.  Thanks to our wonderful Constitution in this nation, we have the right to be American Muslims...Also, thanks to technology and especially the Internet, the barbarian and primitive acts of Al-Qaeda and their Christian counterparts (Evangelical-Qaeda)...burning books...be they Holy Qur'ans or Holy Bibles does not matter anymore, because they are stored digitally on billions and billions of computers and servers worldwide and could be reprinted at the drop of a hat.  If it is knowledge, which you wish to do away with...that is something that you will never be able to do anymore.  Thank God and God bless the USA for being the place where a lot of this technology has been born.  Mashallah!


Muhammad Abdullah said…
Asalamu Alaykum Brother you are doing great work building bridges between Muslims and Non-Muslims. Only if we had more inclusive, open minded and knowledgeable leaders like you! May Allah (swt) give you more Barakah.
Amy said…

I am a concerned citizen and a Catholic, I am really ashamed of what Extremist Evangelicals are doing in the name of Christianity.

We have been reading what you had said in regards to the Rifqa Bary Circus in Florida and were really delighted with your comments. You are open minded and tolerant of others. (when they are not tolerant or accepting of you)

We wish you could come and teach about Islam and Persian culture to our congregation. Thank you kind sir, I will definitely contact you.
Tom Hansen said…
This is a great article, I wonder what they are trying to gain from all this book burning!

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