Grown Zero: No Muslims Allowed?

The USA was built on the basis of separation of Church and State as well as freedom of Religion. The Constitution does not deem the USA as having a state religion, so all faiths are welcome. The War on Terror is not a War on Islam the same way that the War on the Mafia was not a War on Christians (Catholics). The fact that there is being a Mosque built near ground zero (a few blocks away in NY...not on it) is a testament to the freedom that America provides and is a spit in the eye of the terrorists that claim the USA is against Muslims. 

By the way, it is not a "Mosque" they are trying to build near Ground Zero, it is an Islamic Cultural Center, similar to the Jewish Cultural Center down the block from their.  It is the right of Muslims, just like people of any other faith in the USA that call themselves Americans and who are American Citizens, to be able to practice their faith and built centers and Mosques.  To question this would be un-American and un-constitutional.  

"The prayer that man should make for good, he maketh for evil; for man is given to hasty deeds." - Holy Qur'an 17:11

Right Wing Evangelicals want money/power too so they like to keep their arch villians popular. They have used the stupid actions of Al-Qaeda etc. to justify their Nazi like hate of Muslims and the breaking of constitutional laws which is against the American way.

Contrary to popular right wing belief, the founding fathers "happened to be" Christian but the majority of them were also Freemasons...which does not always bode well with the far right that attacks Freemasons and calls them "Devil Worshippers".   So, which one was it?  Were our founding fathers Good Americans?  Christians? or Devil Worshippers?...Personally I believe that they were good people of faith that believed in the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God.  Also, they believed that all people and faiths should get along and live in harmony, which is contrary to the message of the far right and it's minions.  

Here is a great article on CNN regarding this UN-CONSTITUTIONAL attitude towards Muslims by our religious and secular fanatics in the USA:


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