HULC exo-skeleton ready for testing, set to hit the ground running next year

This is something straight out of the movie Terminator and Aliens...The "Exoskeleton" will be a reality next year. First attached to humans, then maybe a robot controlled by a human, and maybe later a robot with Artificial Intelligence...Cylon? Terminator? Droids? Science Fiction is Science Fact that has not been discovered yet...

In this case it has already becoming fact next year!

Robotics in "Non-Fiction"

Cylons in "Science Fiction"

This concept of robotics and AI has been depicted in many Sci-Fi novels, but the best would be the Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Dune, and Terminator.  Just imagine, to begin with we are going to have soldiers that are physically stronger and will have more endurance than other soldiers.  This will of course open new opportunities, because now you can recruit people who don't have to be "Physically Fit".  That brainer kid/geek/nerd that is a genius could potentially be combined with the robotic "braun" in order to become a "Super Soldier".  Just imagine how many smart people have been pushed aside to join the military, police, etc. due to physical limitation?  Or, maybe soldiers that have gone to war and lost a they may potentially be rigged into such an "Exo-Skeleton" in order to go back on duty.  There are a lot of good and bad applications of such technology, however we as a society need to go forward with caution.  We need to study the ethical issues related to such robotics as P.W. Singer says in his book "Wired for War".  


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