The Story of The Columbus Caner Brothers: Ergun & Memet

Ergun Caner
I just ran across an interesting article in the Columbus Dispatch Ergun Caner, the Turkish born supposed Ex-Muslim who grew up in Columbus, Ohio then converted to fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity and named head of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in 2005, said then and in later years that he grew up in Turkey in a Sunni Muslim household and converted to the Christian faith as a teen in Columbus, Ohio.  (What must be noted is that they lived mostly with their Christian mother and were never really raised as a Muslim at all).  If Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was alive today, he would have been disappointed in the actions of these charlatans.  

I truly think that Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was a great man and a great prophet who made us remember about love and compassion of Allah.  He was the best exemplar of the love and compassion of God by putting into practice what he preached.  This of course can not be said about these hateful charlatans who do not have love for anybody in their hearts, let alone God.  They have hate for all those who do not profess their money making teachings that pay no respect to the teachings of Prophet Jesus (pbuh).  I would recommend visiting Dr. Adnan Oktar's website called: to learn more about the Muslim view of Prophet Jesus (pbuh).  Also, another website called that shows the love and co-existence that is demanded by Allah between Muslims, Christians, and Jews...the people of the Abrahamic Faiths.

Crusader Turcopole
This would be like somebody who's father is Christian and Mother is Muslim and happened to live with his mother to claim that he was a devout Christian and just mimick things he saw his Christian father say or do, without ever learning anything about it other than the negative things his mother would have told him about his father in a divorce scenario.  This is really scary, to bring the infantile hate of a young child of divorce and claiming that all Muslims and Islam are bad because he may have had a bad experience growing up.  This hate of his father has created a hate for all Muslims, which is really unfair and scary to say the least. 

I had bad experiences in school when I was persecuted for being of Iranian and Muslim heritage...but I didn't let those bad experiences dictate my outlook on all Christians and Jews, instead I have pro-actively educated people about my heritage and faith.  Many of my best friends are Christians and Jews in addition to Muslims, Hindus, and other faiths and ethnicities.  I pray that people are more educated about these things so they don't give money to these charlatans.  

Well, it seems that because of the mega proportional amount of blogs that have surfaced the truth behind this opportunist character, his own Church community is doing an inquiry and investigation!  I wonder how many other of these supposed "scholars" will be exposed for what they really are...opportunist people who worship "God Money..I will do anything for you" - Nine Inch Nails

These people are not real Christians, they are people who make money off of Christians who do not have the proper education of their own faiths in mostly rural areas where isolation produces fanaticism, which is the same case in many parts of Africa and Asia.  Think of any Middle East Dictator and you see that they are supported by rural folk who just don't know any better.  It is not because they are bad people or hate education, it's just that they have not had the opportunity or money to get educated and understand the realities of things.  

Some of my fondest memories are growing up on the Baptist South in Texas as a youth attending First Baptist Church Kindergarten in Denton, Texas.  I learned about Jesus and the Bible very early and I really appreciate the kindness of the people who taught me.  Even though I am not a Christian, I was treated with respect at that time and I still remember it.  That is why I don't put all Christians in the same boat as the fundamentalists...the way the right wing Evangelicals put all Muslims in the same boat as Al-Qaeda.

There is a really good resource that I recommend in reading about more opportunists such as Ergun Caner, that is the famous and popular blog called "Loon Watch":


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