Taking Care of Business: Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York

I have to commend Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York in regards to his passionate speech dealing with the stalling of the right in regards to legislature and the stifling of good policies, laws, and overall legislature.  Rep. Anthony Weiner put his foot down and made people aware of the lack of cooperation from the GOP.

In the previous administration, the Democrats would be crucified if they tried to resist any laws, policies, etc. put forth by the Republicans, however now that the administration is no longer Republican, they think it is alright to stall and waste tax payer's time!  The GOP is not gaining any popularity or converts anytime soon.  The only chance they had was with Dr. Ron Paul, who they pushed aside quickly in favor of the likes of Sarah Palin who could not even hold on to her seat as Governor of Alaska and resigned.  Her hypocrisy in regards to morals/values is even more amusing considering the situation that happened with her daughter and her unmarried lover.  Like the situation in many Middle Eastern countries where politicians such as Sarah Palin only get following from the uneducated masses of the rural areas, this same technique is used here on our innocent country folk who are brainwashed by the likes of the Tea Party, Sara Palin, etc.  The reason why America is what it is, has to do with the respect and dignity of others and a land where people are free to do what they like within given reason.  The right wing in the West and in the East hates this American idea of true freedom.  The Evangelicals just like the Taliban don't want people to think for themselves or follow the path they feel is more true to them.  They would rather have Zealot Zombies who are not educated enough to make their own decisions.  Islam, Christianity, Democracy, Republicanism are not bad things, however when lack of education and narrow mindedness enter the fray, they can be bent over for evil...similar to the Force in Star Wars and the good and bad of the Jedi vs. the Sith who are using the same "force" for good or evil.

Here is the video of Rep. Anthony Weiner's explanation of his passionate outburst (which shows his love of his country): http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/international/2010/07/30/roth.iran.hikers.held.cnn?hpt

This is not the first time that he has criticized the dishonesty of the right:

Weiner has criticized precious metal dealer Goldline, Inc. for using what a release from his office described as "aggressive sales tactics, conservative spokespeople and rhetoric to sell over-priced gold coins to unsuspecting consumers. Goldline is a sponsor of talk radio and Fox News host Glenn Beck (who made 35 million dollars this year). Weiner accused Beck and other conservative spokespeople (among them Mark LevinMike Huckabee and Fred Thompson) of using "their shows to prey on the public's fears of inflation and socialist takeovers while actively promoting the purchase of gold coins as insurance against this purported government overreach. Beck responded by setting up a website called "WeinerFacts.com"  (Reference: Wikipedia) 

With the lack of cooperation of the GOP, no wonder the Democrats are having such a hard time trying to deal with anything.  The Republicans need to either say yes or no to laws they like or dislike, but not waste time dragging things on so that the country is stagnant.


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