The Tea Party's View of "Colored People"

As I have mentioned before, the Tea Party is the American equivalent to the "Brown Shirts" in Pre-Nazi Germany.  Little by little their racist and biggoted ideology is coming out...first it was the "Liberals", then the developmentally disabled people they insulted in the street at their rallys, on to the real juicy meat of their ideology, which is that of racial division and racial/religious purity.  This racist tone in addition to their regular biggotry is coming out in it's raw form in the most recent example of right wing extremism by none other than the Tea Party's Mark Williams.  

Listen to this statement he made on his blog and see what you think (he say's he intended it as a "satire"!):

"Dear Mr. Lincoln," began the letter posted by Williams. "We Coloreds have taken a vote and decided that we don't cotton to that whole emancipation thing. Freedom means having to work for real, think for ourselves, and take consequences along with the rewards. That is just far too much to ask of us Colored People and we demand that it stop!" - Mark Williams, Tea Party Activist 

So, once you read this...what comes to mind?  Maybe the "satires" told by the brown shirt activists for the Nazi Party?  Or, was it a freedom loving and constitutional "satire" on "colored people"?  What is that term they can fool some of the people, some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.  We have heard you loud and clear (Tea Party).  Thank you for giving us a brush with our WWII history and waking us up to your biggotry and hate against all those who do not profess your faith or belong to your race.  Thank you for opening the eyes of Americans to your real intent behind all that flag waving.  You know the Nazi Germans also did a lot of flag waving, but their intent was not freedom and democracy.  It is a shame that these people have chosen the name "Tea Party" because I love tea and the Boston Tea Party was people who wanted freedom from racial, religious, and economic tyranny.  Something the new "Tea Party" does not stand for.  They stand for everything that is bad in our culture, not everything that is good.  America is a beautiful country with beautiful values...but those values come from human respect and dignity.  The importance of the individual and not the idea of "group think" and fascism.  

Dr. Ron Paul, which I had the pleasure of meeting is what I would consider a "Real Republican" in the true sense of the word, however sadly many of these people are trying to pull him and his son into this radical right wing Tea Party agenda.  I know that Dr. Ron Paul would not go for these racist and biggoted views of the Tea Party, because he is not that kind of man.  Coincidentally, he has pulled himself away from the Tea Party and is still an independant, however his son on the other hand seems to have different political views than his father.  This is something I still need to research and learn about, if any of you out there in the blogosphere have more info, please send it down the pipeline to me (thanks!).  

You can get more information on the radical Tea Party activist "Mark Williams" on this CNN blog:

Here is another character that smells of the Tea Party by the name of Harry Hughes, who has been marching with armed civilians against illegal immigrants and has openly identified with the Neo-Nazi Party:

CNN Exerpt:

Harry Hughes

The activist from Maricopa, Arizona, reportedly has been leading a group of armed civilians on patrols against illegal immigrants. CNN affiliate KTVK-TV in Phoenix reports that the group claims on the "Just Another Day" blog that "there are 11 less illegal aliens in this country thanks to us. We are doing the job the federal government refuses to do."

According to the television station, the group is led by Hughes and J.T. Ready, who have openly identified with the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement. In his blog biography, Hughes, 46, writes that his interests include “political activism, supporting groups that oppose illegal immigration, causing civil unrest in my rural Western Pinal County, and conducting armed UDA patrols along the ‘illegal immigration superhighway.’ ” UDA stands for undocumented alien.

Hughes adds, “I’m one of those guys that shows up at street protests and stirs things up. My government thinks I’m dangerous, so be careful.” we have to question the intent of these so called patriotic groups such as the Tea Party and it's affiliates (Neo-Nazi Party)?  


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