FREEDOM OF RELIGION: President Obama Throws Support To Building Constitutional Islamic Center

AMERICAN MUSLIMS (10 MILLION) AND THE WORLD COMMUNITY OF MUSLIMS (1.5 BILLION ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR 9/11!  That is why we as American Muslims have the Constitutional Right to build a Center 3 blocks away from Ground Zero.  There are many other actual Mosques that are being protested against by the Evangelical-Qaeda Right Wing Extremists and their allies.  If they had there way they would create a new holocaust here in the USA against Muslims instead of Jews this time.  Today Muslims are the Jews of America.

Our rights are guaranteed regardless of what the minority or majority public opinion is in regards to our freedoms.  You can not question the Freedom of Religion that is in the Constitution.  Muslims are not responsible for 9/11 and they have LOUDLY CONDEMNED TERRORISM TIME AFTER TIME! is just one website of thousands that openly denounce terrorism.  There have been multiple announcements in the USA and abroad declaring the same thing.  "We are not our brother's keeper."  If the same standards were used on other people of faith, everybody would be a terrorist and everybody would be responsible for 9/11.

The Cordoba Initiative is trying to bring people together...exactly what the extremists of every faith hate.

The Constitutional Islamic Center that is guaranteed under "Freedom of Religion" is being supported by President Obama (Best President since Reagan).  Those who oppose the idea of the to bring peace between Muslims and the West are part of the problem and most likely Evangelical-Qaeda / Talibangelicals.  Two sides of the same extremist coin that has been creating intolerance, hate, and terrorism in our world and nation.

The GOP has taken a hard stance against Islam, which means they will be losing 10 million American Muslim votes that at one time (in a block vote) put President Bush into office.  It appears the GOP is going further right than during the Bush Administration in the sense that they don't believe in President Bush's support of Muslims.

The only thing missing from the combination of Evangelical-Qaeda, Tea Party, GOP and other like minded people is the red armband on the brownshirts they need to be wearing.  Probably next it will be black shirts with red arm bands.  This is a sad development for America to have fascists trying to destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  However, historically every group that has tried to do so has been vanquished by the American people and American laws.  The only thing these extremists are doing is signing the end of their own existence when they go against the Constitution and Bill of Rights of The United States of America.

This country is not a Christian nation and does not have a state religion.  It was never meant to have a state religion.  The Freemason Founding Fathers made sure that no one religion would ever take control of this great nation of ours.  The same people who claim this was a Christian national hate the Freemasons who created it!  That should show that their beliefs and ideologies are not about being American but rather creating an American Theocracy.


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