9/11: When The Music Died

Living as a second class citizen 9 years later...As we role around another 9/11 which reminds me of the Shia Muslim mourning of Imam Hussein (Muharram/Ashura) with people not wanting to celebrate anything due to mourning...I realized that how many of our freedoms in America have died as a result of Muslim, Christian and Jewish extremists.  When the 19 mostly Saudi hijackers crashed those planes into the towers, I was sitting in a Jiffy Lube getting my oil changed...the Jiffy Lube guy could not take his eyes off this little tiny TV in the waiting room...I came up and saw the image and could not believe my eyes...the Jiffy Lube guy said "We are under attack!".  My response was "Russians? Chinese?...This is like Red Dawn!", which shows how much American culture plays a role in my life that the first thought of invasion or attack of American soil gives me flashbacks of "Red Dawn" and Soviet, Maoist, and other communist tanks rolling by a Mc Donalds.  The last thing on my mind was that these people doing this were from the Middle East or they were Muslims.  Well, to my surprise they found out they were Saudis, which in a normal world where people don't discriminate against Muslims due to religious biggotry would be what it is...an act by Saudi criminal extremists.  Their religion should not have been mentioned or cared about, because they don't represent the world's 1.5 billion Muslims.  Sure we have our crazies, but what religion or lack there of does not?

Something that comes to mind is the way Muslims are treated vs. let's say Satanists.  Did you know that Satanists have been allowed to build their Satanic temples in California?  Their books have not been officially burnt?  You can actually be an American Satanist and not be hurt due to the laws that exist in our constitution.  So, we as Muslims who believe in the God of Abraham are being treated worse than American Satanists.  Why is that do you think?  Could it be hundreds of years of demonization of Muslims by Europeans?  Could it be that we have been drawn like "Green Orcs" threatening the "white and delightsome" (Mormon concept of Angels) of the West?  This biggotry and racism is nothing new, however just like slavery that came about in the new land of America, so does religious biggotry and racism.  Coincidentally, some of the first Muslims to come to America were African Slaves.

As an American Muslim, I am happy I live in this country that has given me so many opportunities and challenges, however I literally "have a dream" that one day my children can play with others without being persecuted for their race or religion.  I hear Evangelical pastors talk about "The Persecuted Church" all the time, which is interesting...because they say the "People of God are always persecuted".  Well, how much more persecution should the Muslims take?  Banning of Mosques?  Burning of Holy Qur'ans? Arrest of Muslims?  Attack on Muslim countries?  Being treated as second class citizens?  Being accused of everything under the sun?  ...WE ARE THE PERSECUTED CHURCH (MOSQUE).  The Jews experienced this in ancient times...then the Christians...and now us Muslims are being persecuted because we carry the message of The One God of Abraham.  The prophecy regarding Islam talks about a day when people will be entering Islam in droves...well, we are in that time period now...even though we are being persecuted more than any other faith on earth.  So, Islam is growing fastest in the world, yet it is persecuted the most as well.  For those who love God, this should be a sign of the truth of the message of Islam.

When you look at the way that people are talking about the proposed Islamic Center near ground Zero, you would think that the War on Terror is against American Muslims.  However, as the presidents have stated, this is not a war against Islam, but who is going to tell that to the Nazi GOP, Tea Party, and the rest of the right wing extremists?  I have had respect for Donald Trump, until he made this statement regarding the property where the guy should have sold him the land.  Why??  Because people are sensitive towards American Muslims or Muslims in general regarding something that we didn't do?  I hope the 9/11 hijackers rot in hell...why am I or other Muslims to blame for something that we didn't do, we could not control, and our faith does not teach?

I hope one day, people learn that the best ally against terrorism and extremism in the Muslim world are good practicing Muslims.  Good Muslims who practice their faith would not do the evil that has been done by the hijackers, Al-Qaeda, or the Taliban.  The question that always comes to my mind is that why after 9/11 we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq?  It would be like us invading Italy for the crimes of the Mafia.  I think that things should have been taken care of differently...the "War on Terror" should have been handled like the "War on Drugs" or "War on the Mafia".  Improve your intelligence services and fight terrorism the way you fight drugs and crime.  When was the last time we invaded Mexico for the Evangelical Christian Drug Cartels?

As Americans we have to wake up to the blatant racism and biggotry and especially persecution of Muslims. This 9/11 I stand as an American Muslim who is being persecuted for his faith by biggots.  Today I stand feeling that the Music of Freedom has died since 9/11 and we need to start singing it again.  Yet....still I believe this to be the best country on earth with more freedom than any other place.  Yes, we have our biggots and racists, but we are still the best place to live.  I just wish that those who hate us and persecute us understand that they are becoming something that they once fought...Nazis and Fascists.

We have a right as Muslims to build the Islamic Community Center in NY and it is not only wise to build it, but we should build it to stand our ground in the face of Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and Athiest Exstremism that holds regular Muslims and in this case American Muslims responsible for something that we have no control over!  Can we build the Islamic Community Center? Yes...Can we build a Mosque?  Yes... Should we build an Islamic Community Center?  Yes... Should we build a Mosque? Yes... Is it wise?  Yes, yes, and yes again!  Because we were not responsible for 9/11 and neither is any Mosque we may build as American Muslims.  Why not blame the Holocaust in Germany on all Christians instead of a misguided few if that is the standard that we as Muslims are being judged by...


The terrorists attacked us because we have FREEDOM OF RELIGION...to take it away from Muslims, the terrorists have won already.

Oh yes, I remember why because the "dark and swarthy Muzzies" are not the description of the Nazis in Germany who happened to also be Christian.  They are "White and Delightsome" so it is ok for them to whatever they want and the rest of Christianity is not blamed. But when 19 Saudis decided to attack 3000 people instead of 6 million...all of Islam is to blame?  This is not only unfair, but unjust to blame Muslims for everything.

If you don't think racism and biggotry plays a role in Islamophobia...then where did words like "Hadji, Sand Nigger, Camel Jockey, Towl Head, Rag Head, Dune Coon, Muzzie..." and other derivatives come from?  Who made these words and why?  Muslims are being persecuted like no other people on earth at the current time.  We are persecuted no matter what we do, just because we are Muslims.  As I have said before, we are the new Jews of this era.


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