The Banning of "Pro-Islam" Textbooks in Texas: Neo-Nazism & Neo-Concentration Camps

It appears that Texas will be the starting point for concentration camps for Muslims from the aggressive nature of the things they are doing, such as the banning of age old textbooks that have already been biased against Muslims, however in their eyes are not biased enough.  They actually think that the textbooks are Pro-Islam and Anti-Christian! Well, newsflash...I grew up most of my elementary school life of 9 years in Denton, Texas!  The books were not Pro-Islam, infact they had a picture of a Camel for a Muslim!  If they get any more Islamophobic than that...we would be in concentration camps.

This anti-Muslim hysteria by a particular portion of America (Extremist Evangelical WASP's and allies) is no different than what happened to African-Americans, Irish-Catholics, and American Jews in the past.  But it is different in the sense that it is leading to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany and African-Americans in the Jim Crow era.

This is really sad, the reason why people loved America was because we had religious freedoms and freedoms in general, but with these Extremists persecuting Muslims and other minorities, what is the incentive of anybody coming here and making it a land of brainy smart people?  I think with how things are going, all the smart people of the world will go to Canada or a country where they are not persecuted.  That country will become the new superpower and we will be just like the rest of the empires in history...history.

I am sad that I have lived long enough to see the downfall of America by it's own extremist zealots who would rather sink the whole ship, rather than read a book.


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