Homegrown Terror: Right Wing Extremism, Mexican Cartels, and Al-Qaeda

The real threat from homegrown terror comes from our very own Right Wing Extremists that have become radicalized and more aggressive in both actions and rhetoric against minorities such as American Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks, and others who may not represent European-American Christians in race or religion.

Sure we may have Al-Qaeda inspired crazies out there, but just as scary and aggressive are the Evangelical-Qaeda people such as the Pastor in Florida wanted to burn Holy Qur'ans or those who want to ban the building of Mosques etc.  If this right wing extremism goes unchecked, it will eventually turn into a neo-fascist policy by those who support those un-American views.

We need to stop homegrown terror by all enemies of every race and every religion both foreign and domestic.  In addition to Al-Qaeda and Right Wing Extremists...now you have the Mexican Evangelical Christian Drug Cartels who are threatening our border.  We need to focus on these three groups to stop potential "homegrown terror".


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