Live Islamic TV In The English Language!

Considering the lack of education by many people about Islam, this channel is doing a great service to the education of Islam to English speakers. It is a live satellite feed 24/7 that will provide English speakers with education about Islam right from their computer at school, office, or home. If Texas enjoys banning of Textbooks that teach about Islam in any light, they may not be educated enough to know that children don't read books as much as watch TV these I hope those poor children in the backwards state of Texas enjoy what this 24/7 Satellite TV has to offer in English...One thing that God has taught humankind is that the more people with evil intents try to hide the love of God and God's teachings, the more God will provide ways for those teachings to be taught to more people...What a textbook used to do on a small scale, a satellite TV that is 24/7 via internet can on a mass scale teach people without the restrictions of people who would like to hide the truth...


‎"When I saw different schools of thought directing people toward the seas of ignorance and deviation, I boarded the ark of salvation in the Name of Allah. This arc is verily crystallized in the "ahl al-bayt" of the Seal of the Prophets, Mustafa (s)." - Imam Shafii'

Imam Shafii was one of the 4 great scholars of the Sunni school of thought within Islam. One of the most famous books of Islamic Law or "Fiqh" that is published is from this school of thought called "The Reliance of The Traveler: A Classical Manual of Islamic Law", which is published by Amana Publications.


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