Muzzie: A racist slur for a muslim of any skin tone.

Just to understand the extent of right wing (GOP, TEA PARTY, ETC.) racist and biggoted slurs for have to remember the terms "Muzzie" and "Hadji" (in addition to a plethora of others) that have become popular after 9/11 referring to Muslims of all skin tones and races...practicing or not.   Why did these words come about?  Who made these words?  Do you think it was all the minorities in the United States that came up with this term?  That is the key to understand the stance of the Tea Party Brownshirts that are attacking Muslims every chance they get with the rest of their Right Wing think alike people.  Why should we as American Muslims be alright with these terms that would be no different than calling Jews by all the slurs that they have been called?  We as the new Jews of this era need to stand our ground and seek help from those that have been persecuted before such as Jews, Catholics, Blacks, etc.  Considering that we as Muslims are the persecuted people and the persecuted church (Mosque), we need to build coalitions with like minded freedom loving people who will help us in this time of need against biggoted people who hate us just for our faith.  These right wing biggots have hurt Muslims and given more fodder to the deviants such as Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.  When are these right wing extremists going to learn that they can not fight against the faith of 1.5 billion people and wish to eradicate them without calling a holy war to exterminate us, such as the Crusades, Holocaust, or the Inquisition.  We as American Muslims will stand our ground with the help of our government and people in order to deal with the right wing extremists who wish to eradicate every semblance of Islam and Muslims from America.  Just building of Mosques, burning of Qurans, discrimination against Muslim workers, etc. We are treated like second class citizens by the right wing who hates us due to their misguided beliefs and lack of education.  If these people who support the likes of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party had even a little education, they would understand that Muslims are not at fault for their own short comings.  I am proud that we have the most intelligent President since George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who understands the need to defend the rights of American Muslims and Muslims in general in the face of biggotry and hate.


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