Secular Iranians Selling Sex Slaves in the United Kingdom of Britain

This story is interesting, because until recently the trafficking of sex slaves, under age girls and boys was believed to be the "Muslim Arab Dynasty" aka Iranian Government that was responsible for this trafficking especially to the Emirates, Dubai, and Kuwait.  Many people blamed the "evil Arab religion" However, as we can see, the people involved with this illegal traficking of Sex Slaves are Secular Iranians that have a tendency to be Anti-Muslim as well.  Don't let their Islamic sounding names fool you, they would rather burn the Qur'an than read it and ban the building of mosques like the next Islamophobe.

Ironically these same types of people encourage illegal and immoral activities, while denouncing Islamic practices of polygamy (Marrying up to 4 women at the same time or temporary marriage which were institutions built in order to curb prostitution and sex slaves.  The Christian King Charlemayne had over 200 wives as did many people in that time period.  This is why the revelation came that you can have a maximum of 4 wives regardless if you are a Christian King or an Pagan Arab Bedouin).

Traditional Muslim families don't allow their children to get married until they are at least 18 years of age (The age of one of the Prophet Muhammad's wives "Aisha" who by Islamophobes and Muslim Extremists is believed to have been 9 years old, but is in fact false.  Aisha was 18 when she was married to the Prophet (pbuh).)  Some families, similar to those in the USA, may allow their children to marry at 14 with parental consent (which is also the case in the USA's law books and country/rural areas).  This illegal traffic of sex slaves by Iranian secular hypocrites is very telling of what matters!  Ironically, the same secularists that hate Iranian Muslims would blame this on Islam and Muslims.  They are the type of people who would support people like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Bridgette Gabriele, and the rest of the Islamophobes and Nazis.  Muslims, Christians, Jews and other people of faith need to condemn  these immoral actions of sex trafficking regardless of who is doing it.  This is a vile and evil practice to sell the chastity of girls and boys for printed paper.

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ALERT - RABID FOSSIL (AKA HOLLYWOOD MONARCHIST ZOMBIES) ATTACK: Here is an update of Iranian Secular Islamophobes (Friends of the Tea Party) who left Iran with millions of dollars and promote Anti-Islamic agendas and the hate of an American President (I call them the Rabid Fossils):

After 30 years of living the USA like myself, these Rabid Fossils don't speak the language well and they are attacking an Ex-United States President...not being knowledgeable about the laws in the USA about offenses towards a sitting president or ex-president that are considered felonies.  The Secret Service officer was asked if "the persians are behaving" and he shook his head "NO!" and walked away.  These disgraceful people who with their vicious elitist attitudes brought on the revolution of 1979 think that anybody would fall for their tricks again.  Most of them are Iranian Secular Republicans because they hate Muslims.  The majority of them come from non-Muslim backrounds, but you also find some that are also Muslims.  After 30 years of living the USA these Rabid Fossils have not become civilized American Citizens.  They think that by hating Muslims they are promoting Democracy...the newsflash is that Democracies such as the one in the USA are based on freedom of religion too.  They make the same mistake the GOP and Tea Party are making in thinking that the Constitution does not protect Muslims! If you notice all of these Monarchist Zombies have religious symbols such as the Zoroastrian Farvahar, Jewish Star of David, and so on however they claim everything should be secular and against Muslims.  If they truly want a "Secular Democracy" then they will have to live with Islam as well. For over 30 years these Zombies have been saying the same rhetoric but have done nothing but enjoy their plush lives in Hollywood.  True Democracy is not what they want, infact the Crown Prince of Iran does not endorse these fanatics.  He is actually pro-democracy vs. these nutcases.  Unfortunately, I have people in my own family like them...


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