US Airmen Give Eerie Testimony at UFO Press Conference

The following news is rather interesting, because it appears as if members of the US Military (ex military) are confirming UFO reports.  One thing that is mentioned in the following article is that the "UFO's don't like nukes".  Well, that raises a question, if they don't like it because they are peaceful and it's a threat to their existence.  Or, do they have plans on disarming us so we don't pose a threat if they attack?  Now, some would argue, if they have not attacked up until now, they are peaceful.  However, what if they are far away and those "red orbs" are scouts or probes that have travelled light years and do not represent the intent of these alleged UFOs?  Time will tell...I just pray if there are UFO's they are not like the ones in the movie "Aliens" or "Predators" or else we will all need to rush towards the new world order to become one nation, one planet, and be able to defend ourselves against ET threats! =)  I hope that if they do exist, they are peaceful and help us solve our animal like problems of tribalism and hate (ie. Pamela Gellar Oshry, Robert Spencer, and the rest of the hate mongers)

September 28, 2010

Daily Buzz: US Airmen Give Eerie Testimony at UFO Press Conference

An interesting development for UFO conspiracy theorists, a group of former US Airmen held a press conference Monday to call the US government to task for saying UFOs don't pose any national security threat.
During the press conference in Washington D.C., seven former air force officers who had been stationed at different nuclear defense bases around the country not only said they witnessed UFOs but that the UFOs were able to disable nuclear weapons.

"Nobody was injured and I don't consider it an attack but it certainly it was a national security incident and something the Air Force said has never happen in their official policy documents," said Robert Salas, a former U.S. Air Force Nuclear Launch Officer.
Salas is speaking of a night in 1967, according to, when he was on duty and glowing red orbs appeared outside the gates of the nuclear missile base. At the same time, the weapons were disabled. While the weapons were not damaged, he said it took a couple of days to rearm them.
As someone who thinks it's more fun to believe than not to believe, I think this is pretty phenomenal. Not only is it a relatively credible confirmation of the existence of UFOs, but it also indicates that the intelligent life is aware of us and watching us. And maybe doesn't agree with some of the things we are doing. Not to say I blame them.
But even if it's not exactly a "threat," it certainly is a challenge, which is why the airmen were urging the government to admit UFOs should be considered an issue of national security.
What do you think? Have you ever witnessed a UFO? Do you even believe? As I said, I think it's a lot more fun to believe than not to believe.
- Alexandra Gekas, Associate Editor


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