When Islamophobia Hits Home... Monro Muffler #615 (No Trust & No Confidence)

For a long time I have not personally encountered somebody who treated me "differently" based on my race or my religion (other than the typical anti-Mosque, anti-Quran, anti-Muslim, anti-Islam, etc. people on TV and at rallies), however today I met that person while trying to take my car in for a check up at our local Monro Muffler #615 here in Charleston, West Virginia.  

First of all, the guy who originally answered the phone (possibly same person as I talked to when I went in) when my wife called to make an appointment was really nice, until he heard her accent.  Then he proceeded to be somewhat short or rude with her but still made the appointment at 11am so I could have my car taken a look at.  

I went to the appointment today at 11:35am, because I had accidentally gone to the Subaru Dealership, instead of Monro Muffler due to habit.  I had assumed my wife got the appointment at Subaru (closed on Saturdays).  However, that was not the case so I drove over to Monro Muffler and explained the situation to the guy and he flat out in a very short and rude way explained to me that he would not be able to get it in, because he had walk ins and other customers since then.  He said he would try to get it in today if somebody cancels, otherwise I would have to come back Monday.  I explained to him that I would be leaving town on Monday and he really didn't care and gave me a lot of attitude and negative vibes.  As if I should not negotiate with him and get the hell out if I don't agree.  I know that customer service is something that is important to all businesses and I can tell you that I was very disappointed by the negative response that could have been handled a lot better.  However, my wife had witnessed a similar situation when an African-American had entered the shop for similar reasons and treated in a similar manner to the point that the person became upset with the shop keeper. It appears that I am not the only minority that has been treated this way.  

Of course, people like this will never admit that they are racist or biggoted, however ask any African-American about the way they have been treated for 400 years and you will understand, not everything is direct...indirect racism and biggotry is what has always been at the heart of the race and religion divide in the USA.  However, the right wing extremists are no longer hiding their racism as much as they have been, they instead are pointing out Black people out of a crowd and attacking them thinking they are Muslims.  For example, Glen Beck is trying to upstage Dr. Martin Luther King and lies about holding the founding documents.  They are trying to abuse the constitution and say that Church and State are one and that if you are not Anglo-Saxon and Christian, you should never think about having rights or being part of this society.  

Now some people may say, "how do you know this person treated you like this based on your race or your religion?  They may not have even known your name?"...well, my view is based on years of experiencing both racism and religious biggotry at the hands of those who think this is an exclusive nation.  (do we even need to question what is racism or biggotry anymore considering everything that has been happening on the news? How much more blatant and straight forward does this have to be?)  Thank god we have a powerful law enforcement and justice system that keeps people like this from taking over our country!  Checks and balances are more important than people in history class give credit for...

Fortunately, the founding fathers did not think like this, infact they didn't build this country as a "Christian Nation". Rather, they built it on the Islamic influenced idea of "Freemasonry" (The Crusading Knights Templar of the Temple of Solomon came back from the Middle East with a new found spirituality after engaging the Muslims not only on the battlefield, but on the spiritual field), which has a lot of esoteric and spiritual heritage from Islamic Sufism, Christian Gnosticism, and Jewish Kabalah.  The idea that there is one creator and we are all his children is an Islamic concept that also exists in Freemasonry, Christianity, and Judaism.  The difference is that Freemasonry like Islamic Sufism (Sunni and Shia) tries not to create exclusiveness to faith and righteousness.  However, the right wing thinks that America is exclusively Christian and Anglo-Saxon.  The founding fathers didn't think this and neither does the constitution.  

Something that is noteworthy is that Monro Muffler in Columbus, Ohio were very friendly and I was very satisfied with their customer service, however their Charleston, WV location needs some serious improvement in attitude and diversity training.  

Typically, in the United States when something like this happens, out of courtesy and due to you being a loyal customer (or not) the person tries to fit you in, even if they have to check out the car themselves instead of a subordinate.  However, in this case my race and/or religion may not have been the right one for this person to feel like he needed to help out.  

Coincidentally, the guys over at Subaru are the best customer service people I have seen and they don't let a thing like race and religion get in the way of doing business and making friends.  Kudos Subaru, shame on you Monro Muffler!

In conclusion, as much as I understand the reasons of the person's actions, such as living in an isolated area which people may think that Fox News reports "fair and unbiased news", but in reality is the mouthpiece of the new Evangelical Reich...you can't blame them for their lack of education.  We as a society need to educate our people regarding these extremists who have been brainwashing what would otherwise be good people of faith.  If you notice, this kind of brainwashing is not as severe in more populated city areas that are exposed to diversity.  

For example, in New York or Los Angeles you see a lower number of right wing extremists, because they have met the people who Fox News demonizes from various races to various religions.  

Before leaving the shop today, I handed this guy my business card and told him to call my cell phone if he has time today, which I have not gotten a phone call back as of yet.  Now, I get to drive back to Columbus, Ohio without knowing if my car is safe to drive...Thanks Monro Muffler #615! 

UPDATE: I just filed a complaint with the Monro Muffler national headquarters, let's see if we get a response!


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