American Muslims & Christians vs. Talibangelicals

This is such a great program, it has American Muslims and Christians vs. Talibangelicals (American Taliban aka Extremist Evangelicals along with Muslim Fundamentalist Extremists on one side vs. the normal Muslims and Christians on the other side.  If you notice, the The Evangelical Extremists get along just fine with their Talibanesque counterparts and they believe in the same intolerance.  However, the normal Muslims and Christians are talking about tolerance, understanding and acceptance.  Enjoy!

Robert Spencer is one of the featured panelists (best fascist friend of Pamela Geller Oshry from Atlas Shrugs hate blog).  I have to say that the way that Ahmed Rehab washes him and puts him aside is rather enjoyable and heartfelt by the Billion and a half Muslims around the world and Americans who have a conscience.  This is probably the best program I have seen by far in regards to this issue of Muslim bashing and Islamophobia by the right wing Tea Party, GOP, and their allies who believe in fascism as the American ideal.


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