The Crusades: Historical Christian & Jewish Unity With Muslims

Orthodox Christians and Mizrahi Jews stand with Saladin & the Saracens against Crusaders (Templars/Hospitallers)...this is what Fox News will not show you. The man speaking at the beginning of the video is a Christian Saracen by the name of "Issa" (Jesus).  Just like today's right wing extremists such as the Tea Party, Hutaree Militia, Ann Coultier, Sean Hannity, Pamela Geller Oshry, Robert Spencer, etc....back in the time of the Crusades you also had opportunist money hungry people attacking Muslims based on false reasons.  In the name of Jesus and the Cross they were killing Muslims, Mizrahi Jews, and Orthodox Christians in Jerusalem.  The same situation has developed in the sense that the right wing extremists in our midst from the Tea Party to Al-Qaeda are all in the same exclusive and hateful mindset.  They wish to divide us and hurt us, however like the Saracens of their time period we must stand firm as Muslims, Christians, Jews, and other people of faith against these extremist un-godlike hatemongers.  I am proud that we have a government in the USA along with a powerful law enforcement system that stops these hatemongers in their tracks, however we must stay vigilant and ready to point out any time we see right wing hateful people.  Fox News and it's partners are the mouthpiece of extremism in the USA against various Americans and other people.  We can't just stand here while they make money and create hate, we must actively engage and create dialogue with these people and if not, educate everyone in regards to the truth vs. their hate.  

The most important line was by Issa (Jesus) the Arab Christian (Saracen) "those who invade my land in the name of the cross are not my brothers"...the same is true of myself and other American Muslims..."those who attack my land in the name of the crescent are not my brothers".  Extremism and hate is not part of Islamic, Christian, and Jewish values.  


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