High Profile Conversion to Islam: Tony Blair's Sister-in-Law Lauren Booth

Considering that the news likes to feature Islam in a negative light most of the time, why doesn't Fox News or other channels report on such high profile conversions to Islam, such as that of Lauren Booth...Tony Blair's Sister-in-Law?  Especially the fact that Lauren Booth has converted to Shia Islam in Iran...after visiting the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh in Qum (Sister of Imam Reza).  Here is the video of Lauren proclaiming publicly her conversion:

Here is the news article in the Daily Mail regarding her public and high profile conversion that has not been reported on CNN yet: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1323278/Tony-Blairs-sister-law-Lauren-Booth-converts-Islam-holy-experience-Iran.html

So, Juan Williams...will you be freaked out if you see these British Muslims in "Muslim Garb"?  The stereotyping of Muslims as one race or sect is rather misleading, however the right wing media consistently works on this idea of a global jihad, sharia, and takiya that promotes this kind of fearmongering.  Unfortunately, they know nothing of what any of these three terms actually mean.  Jihad for example is considered "Holy Struggle or Defense", what they refer to as "Jihad" is "Qital" which means murder.  

The Taliban & Al-Qaeda practice "Qital" which is un-Islamic.  The term "Sharia" just means Islamic Laws (similar to Kosher Law) which teaches Muslims the details of their religion, such as what kind of food is alright to eat, similar to how in Jewish Kosher Laws you can't eat meat with dairy products.  The idea that Sharia is some sorty of "evil menace" is rather comedy scare tactics coming out of the feeble minds of Nazi worshipping lunatics or aka "the far right".  

Now we come on the term "Takiya" which appears to be Pamela Gellar Oshry's favorite word to imply that Muslims "Lie".  Well, here is some breaking news, the word "Takiya" means to hide your faith if you are in danger of being killed for your faith.  So, you can't just generally walk around and lie and decieve people and call it "Takiya".  It is meant as a way to keep people from losing their lives based on a label somebody has given them for worshipping the one God.

These kind of "High Profile Conversion Stories" are not covered by the same media that likes to cover stories about 13-17 year old girls converting to Extremist Evangelical Cults, which is telling of what the motives are behind the reporting of such vile stories that teaches people "it's ok to steal Muslim babies because they are heathens/infidels".  Some people actually attribute the word "infidel" to Islam, but it was the extremist Christian Crusaders that came up with the term "infidel" or "heathen" to refer to all non-Christian peoples of the world.  Such as the "heathen/infidel" Native Americans in the eyes of those who committed genocide on them in order to establish their own dominance.  The last people that should be talking about "heathens/infidels" are the extremist Evangelicals, Tea Party members, and other like minded people.  It used to be the KKK would use the "N" word, but now the Tea Party uses the "M" word (Muslim) and it basically means the same thing in the same kind of way.  Anybody that does not agree with them is instantly labelled a "Muslim" or "Muzzie" (sic) in order to demean them.  As if the word Muslim is a bad thing! People should be honored to be called a "Servant of God" (Muslim).  We as Muslims believe that all of existence is "Muslim" or submitting to the will of God.  Even those who do not call themselves Muslims are born Muslims in the eyes of God.  This is why it is not ok for a Muslim to harm a non-Muslim, because a non-Muslim is technically a Muslim that is not aware of their natural state of submitting to God.  We as Muslims are supposed to treat Muslims as well as Non-Muslims with respect.  However, we do have the right to defend ourselves...which is also guaranteed in the Constitution of the USA.  

The constitution itself brings me upon a very important point, why does the Tea Party think it has a monopoly on the Constitution, while most of what they are doing is against it?  Most of the Tea Party members don't even know what the Constitution says, such as O'Donnell who didn't understand the concept of the separation of church and state!  We as Americans should stand up against right wing maniacs such as the Tea Party or their counterparts in Europe, such as the Chancellor of Germany who says she "does not believe in multiculturalism".  Multiculturalism is what Islam and America both champion, to hate Multiculturalism you also hate both America and Islam.  For an American to forget that America is was founded on Freemason ideologies of multiculturalism, fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man...it would be most unfortunate and the end of America as we know it.  Our founding fathers would be in shock if they saw what the Tea Party has been saying.  God willing that we as a nation will overcome this cancer of hate and will be able to secure our way of life.  May God always bless America, where everybody has rights!




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