Little Known Facts About Iran (Persia): World's Oldest Country

Here is a list of very interesting facts and achievements regarding Iran that I was not aware of mostly.  I think it is interesting in that it breaks many stereotypes of what people in America think of the nation of Iran...such as the 1000% Science and Technology growth rate in 9 years and the largest ratio of women to men students in school...or that Iran (Persia) is the "World's Oldest Country"

3200 BCIranThe first state consisting all of western Iran was founded by the Proto-Elamite with their capital at Susa & Anshan which lasted from around 3200 BC to 2700 BC, they were followed by Elam (2700-550 BC) and Medes who created the first Iranian empire, which encompassed all of Iran and lasted from 728 to 550 BC. Cyrus The Great, founded the world's first superstate, stretching from Greece to India. The last reunification of Iran happened in 1501 AD by theSafavid dynasty. Iran was referred to in the West as Persia until March 21, 1935 when it was officially recognized as either Persia or Iran, where the latter has been the local name. Iran has had roughly the same geographical boundaries since its inception and has been using Persian as the official language in addition to Iranian calendar. In modern days, the media and some historians have begun to hesitate Persia's influence on history for political reasons[1].
1. IranLargest pistachio producer, output of 230,000 tons[49]Agriculture2007
2. IranLargest saffron producer, 93.7% of world's total production[50]Agriculture2009
3. IranLargest caviar producer [51]Agriculture2009
4. IranLargest producer of berries[52]Agriculture2007
5. IranLargest producer of stone fruits[53]Agriculture2007
6. IranLargest producer of Berberis[54]Agriculture2009
7. IranHottest surface temperature ever recorded, 70.7 °C (159 °F) recorded at Dasht-e Lut[55]Climate2005
8. IranMost number of people killed in a blizzard, 4000 people died in 1972 Iran blizzardClimate1972
9. IranLargest importer of wheat[56][57][58]Consumption2009
10. IranHighest rate of brain drain in the worldDemographics2003
11. IranHighest ratio of female to male school enrollment[59], 1.22 female per male studentEducation2005
12. IranLocation with the highest natural background radiation, annual dose of 260 mSvGeography2010
13. IranMost number of major earthquakes, 5.5+ Richter Magnitude[60]Geology2010
14. IranMost accurate calendar in use, Iranian calendarGeophysics2010
15. IranHighest annual prevalence of opiates use, 2.8% of populationHealth1999
16. IranLargest number of former national capitals, 31 former capital citiesHistory2010
17. IranWorld's oldest country, Established ~3200 BCHistory2010
18. IranHost to the world's largest population of foreign refugees, Mostly Iraqi & Afghan refugees[61][62][63][64]Humanitarian1999
19. IranLargest producer of Turquoise[65][66]Industry2010
20. IranLargest reserves of Zinc[67][68][69]Industry2010
21. IranWorld's largest producer and exporter of handmade carpets[70][71][72]Industry2010
22. IranWorld's fastest growth rate in science and technology, 1000% increase of science & technology output in nine years[73][74][75]Science2010

I am proud to be an American of Iranian heritage...from the oldest country in the world, to one of the newest.


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