Mama Grizzlies Are Dangerous

Mama Grizzlies who are the servants of the Tea Party are dangerous and will help America fall into the abyss of ridiculousness.  The Republicans started our spending, they started spending 300 billion a year on the wars that were started due to terrorists.  However, have we spent  300 billion a year on the war on drugs? or mafia? No, we have not...however the Republicans spent this money in order to feed their own big business coffers.

Now, why the "Mama Grizzlies" have come into the picture?  Because the hypocrite aspects of lewd and liberally dressing single female conservatives has given way to questioning of the "conservatism".  So, in order to say that they have married women involved with this conservative movement, the right wing biggots have brought out the "mamas".  However, the abuse of women by right wing people is the norm of fascism.  Fascism focuses on the oppression and abuse of women, because it is a male dominated phenomenon.  If the views of the right wing men was not important, the right wing women like Pamela Geller Oshry, Ann Coultier, and Sarah Palin would not dress the way they do.  Because, their sexual appeal would not be an important factor in determining their brain power or their understanding of politics.  Infact, they are taken less seriously for looking like they are trying to sell sex.  Even the "Mama Grizzlies" are abused and exploited.  The "Mama Grizzlies" are not chosen for their degrees, brain, or understanding of foreign policy.  They are chosen on sexual appeal, just like their single counterparts.  Why not put Barbara Bush on stage and have her talk? Oh ya, she is not young enough to wear red the way the GOP and Tea Party "MILFS" dress.  Let's look at Christine O'Donnell, the self proclaimed former witch, is not a career politician and is an average American Citizen in her own words.  Breaking news..."average American Citizens" is not what we need in such extraordinary times.

We need ABOVE AVERAGE American Citizens to come and take care of business.  My question to the GOP and Tea Party is why did we start wars in two nations that did not have anything to do with 9-11?  Instead of going to Saudi Arabia (15/19 hijackers) we go to Iraq and Afghanistan...why?  Now, after all this time, it appears we are tucking tail and running away from both engagements.  The only thing we as a nation have succeeded in doing in these wars is weaken our economy, waste our tax dollars, create more angry people, and have shown the world that we can't even deal with third world countries militarily.  Now, if other stronger nations wish to take us on, they will not think we will be able to take care of ourselves.   In reality, we have not only shown our weaknesses, but now we are more vulnerable due to these engagements based on faulty information by those who only wish to make a profit on the broken backs of Americans and the US Government.

Selling sex with politics is nothing new, but for conservatives to sell nothing but sex shows how low their popularity as an ideology has gone.  Conservatism is an ideology that keeps back progress and creates stagnation.  It is also very un-American, because conservatism has always been the ideal of Imperialists and not Americans.  Just look at the dirty old man "Newt Gingrich" who is just a traditional biggot who hates all others than himself.  He probably enjoys watching the red dressed "Mama Grizzlies" on his FOX tube.  The funniest thing Gingrich said recently was to work on "homegrown" energy vs. Saudi oil...his party is in bed with Saudi oil.  We should ask him to say hello to Prince "Bandar Bush"!

These outdated fossils are bad for America and bad for business.  We need to think progressively and think more liberally in our mindset in order to come up with more creative ways to solve our problems.  That creativity is what has always kept us a step ahead.  I bet if we were living in 1776 the current GOP and Tea Party would be the "conservative" loyalists to the Crown of England.


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