Muslim Freedom Lovers Must Vote Straight Democratic Party

Ohio has over 135,000 Muslims...I ask all of them to vote Democrat! Considering the pure hate towards Muslims from the far right...Tea Party, GOP, etc.  It is imperative that American Muslims vote for the Democratic party that actually cares for the minorities, poor, and a multicultural America (nightmare of the KKK, Nazis, etc.).  We have to keep America from flushing the Constitution down the toilet and replacing it with Extremist Evangelical doctrine in an "American Theocracy": People with any "Love" must vote Democratic Party to keep the Nazis from destroying America!  Stop the Tea Party and GOP from turning America into 1934 Germany.  We don't need an American Theocracy.  Everything the right wing does is based on hatred of Muslims, Hispanics, Gays/Lesbians, and anybody that does not fit the mold of a European-American Christian Extremist.  Traditional Christians such as the Episcopal Church are good friends with Muslims and minorities, that is why they will always have respect in my heart and the heart of many Muslims.  However, the people who hate us must not be given a platform to turn this country into a Fascist Nation.  Some of these people talk about concentration camps for Muslims! Just look at the video below to understand who the Tea Party is... (No wonder the FBI and the National Guard have set up ready units to deal with potential Tea Party violence)

Blatant Racism and Biggotry by the Tea Party and their allies...


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