Nazi Heart: Republican Josh Mandel Says His Black & Christian Democratic Opponent is Muslim

The New Reich hitting home in Ohio! Wow...this is just beautiful, just imagine that to attack his opponent, Der Reich Commandant Mandel is calling his Black Christian Democratic opponent a "Muslim" as if it's a bad thing.

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How low will these people go?  Does Commandant Mandel know that we have 135,000 Muslims in Ohio? 65,000 Muslims live in Columbus alone?  Guess who is not voting for him?

The GOP and Tea Party have officially become the parties of Extremist European-American Christians.  You can see it in their politicians, civil servants, and public.  They are foaming at the mouth with racial and religious biggotry and hatred.  They would make Al-Qaeda proud, so my favorite term to describe both is Talibangelicals or Evangelical-Qaeda.  Take both extremists and put them under one title so people understand we are dealing with extremists both abroad and right here in the USA.

I don't think any minority or majority person of conscience would ever vote Republican or Tea Party based on our Constitution and Bill of Rights that protects our freedoms of race and religion! Why would anybody with any love for our country, constitution and bill of rights want these people?  Just yesterday I saw a magazine cover that says "Mama Grizzlies" referring to Sarah Palin and her ilk...well newsflash...Mama Grizzlies mate with Papa Grizzlies that end up eating their own children or cubs of others.  They are dangerous and a menace not only to themselves but anybody that comes near their quagmire relationships.  Just look at Sarah Palin's daughter and how she tries to cover up her inconsistencies.  Kinda reminds you of the red haired character on Desperate Housewives! 

Mandel needs to wake up and see that he would make Hitler proud by bashing minorities such as Muslims in this country.  He does not deserve to have the post that he is running for, if anybody loves America, they would not vote for this man or his party.  God protect the USA against such people.  With "friend like these, who needs enemies"?


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