Today's "The Rally To Restore Sanity" by Jon Stewart & Steven Colbert

I must say that I have been a fan of Jon Stewart for ages, however today I was so impressed by the comedy duo that I felt that American spirit touch my heart that we are above extremist politics, especially of the right that does nothing but scare us into submission.  We as Americans of all faiths needs to stand firm in the face of evil and extremism from all creeds.

I enjoyed how Jon Stewart invited Kareem Abdul Jabar on the stage to talk about Islamophobia and how people have been hating on American Muslims and Muslims altogether.  The way the program was done has to be the best I have seen in the recent past and felt as if it proved a point in regards to people like Glen Beck.  The turn out was much bigger and more enthusiastic than the Glen Beck Nazi rally.  I wish we had more Americans of all faiths that could be like Jon Stewart.

Jon Stewart touched on one issue that was very impressive and that is the idea that "you need Muslims" in order to fight extremists.  I would recommend that people buy Jon Stewarts books in order to get a glimpse of how America was and is supposed to be, instead of all the right wing mumbo jumbo and scare tactics.


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