Who is Abdulfattah Jandali?: Arab Muslim Biological Father of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple

Apple iPhone, iPad, Macbook, etc. comes from the mind of a Middle Easterner (Syrian Arab)...with Arab Muslim parents.

With the popularity of Apple products such as the iPad, iPhone, and Macbook...we need to take a look at what mind created these wonderful technological advances?

Who is Abdulfattah Jandali?  

Abdulfattah Jandali is the SYRIAN MUSLIM BIOLOGICAL PARENT OF STEVE JOBS THE CEO OF APPLE.  So, this means one of the top minds of today's technological advancement is that of an Arab who was born with Syrian Arab Muslim parents.  He was adopted by Americans and he himself is now a Buddhist.  I wonder if the Tea Party and other right wing fascists think that Steve Jobs is an "Under Cover Muslim" with "Socialist" ideas...oh now, don't drop your "Shariah iPhone"... =) What? Steve Jobs is an Arab? Yes, he is an Arab...the son of a Syrian Muslim Arab! I guess all the Tea Party and GOP right wing nuts may have to get rid of their iPhones and iPads in fear of "Stealth iJihad".  Looks like the little bite out of the apple is really a little crescent ;).

Wiki Excerpt:

"Jobs was born in San Francisco[1] and was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs (née Hagopian[22]) of Mountain View, California, who named him Steven Paul. Paul and Clara later adopted a daughter, who they named Patti. Jobs' biological parents – Abdulfattah Jandali, a Syrian Muslim[23] graduate student who later became a political science professor,[24] and Joanne Simpson, an American graduate student[23] who went on to become a speech therapist[25] – later married, giving birth to and raising Jobs' biological sister, the novelist Mona Simpson.[26][27][28][29][30]"


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