The Bary Family: Victims of Extremist Right Wing Evangelical Christians

The Bary Family (Family of the Muslim girl Rifqa Bary from Buddhist Sri Lanka who converted to Extremist Right Wing Evangelical Christianity) has been one of the biggest victims of Extremist Right Wing Evangelical Christians in recent years due to the level of hate and disinformation that was put against them by the "Talibangelical" mobs in Florida.  Coincidentally it was moderate Jews and Christians who came to the aid of the Bary Family when they found out that such extremists were trying to take her from her family (in which they were successful).

Something that has always stood out to me regarding this issue was the fact that the FDLE investigator in charge was happy he was retiring soon because the "Florida Politics" (Talibangelical Theocracy) could not influence him, however some of the rookie agents could be potential targets by the Talibangelical Theocracy in Florida.  You may ask why rookie agents would be potential targets?  Well, they have a whole career to think about when it comes to working in Florida.  (ie. Extremist Pastors, Qur'an Burning, etc.)

The reason why this person was put in charge of the investigation had to do with the fact that if the Right Wing nuts in the Florida government tried to oust him for doing a fair investigation, he would be retiring anyway and would not care about their sense of self righteousness.  I am proud that we have ethical law enforcement officials who will stand up against these theocrats. This video was put out by the Bary Family when they first were being attacked by the Florida theocrats:

My question is...Where is Rifqa now?  Since the court case has ended, she has literally vanished from the face of the known earth.  Her father has been in grieving since her disappearance and has been awaiting contact from her to no avail.  The right wing nuts that were responsible for this situation are also nowhere to be found.  The theocrat psychophaunts have since gone to their next victim.  Interestingly when this whole affair started, I remember the right wing nuts had sent over 9,000 letters to Gov. Charlie Crist, while the Muslim response was like 400 letters.  This shows the amount of organized targeting by these right wing groups that have networks or "cells" working all over the country and the world in order to create their theocracy.  A really good book to read about this American Theocratic ideology is "American Theocracy".  It is no wonder why the Tea Party loves Florida, it is ripe with right wing hate.  The list of Florida Fundamentalism is long and would take a lot of time to put down, however have you noticed that every radical domestic news that is not related to Muslims always comes out of Talibangelical Florida?  This is more than a coincidence, it is a sign of where the heart and money of this extremist agenda/movement is located.

This preying on Muslim children (and others... google the name "Anne Marie" and her son "Todd" that had her Catholic son pulled away by such extremist groups in Ohio) by these extremist theocrats in Florida is rather scary to say the least, however it has created interesting responses from Muslims who have become more assertive in spreading the word of Islam and inviting others to the truth of Islam.  Some good websites to read about Islamic Missionary work would be:

I will post more sites as I find them inshallah.


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