The Beast of War: "RPG Kaboom Tank"

So now we are sending tanks to Afghanistan ( anybody in the Pentagon seen the movie "The Beast of War" about the Soviet-Afghan War?  Because they need to think of the logistics of Afghanistan.  A heavily mountainous valley area with lot's of dust and rocks...ideal for breaking down and cornering tanks.  All you need is the RPG, which most Afghan Mujahedin have had since the Soviet-Afghan War and it's game over.  Did the Pentagon think this was a new revelation?  Do they think that tanks are going to make things better?  What, are they gonna bring in Hinds and T-70s next?  There is a reason why the Soviets lost the war, some of it had to do with the USA helping the Afghan Mujahedin, however the current Taliban are much more aggressive than the Mujahedin.  They have better weapons and better versions of RPGs and they have been fighting for years in this style.  The tanks are going to create more ways for Taliban to take out American troops, it seems like a good idea...but it really is not.

For those of you who want to see the moral of the story of the movie "The Beast of War":

Here is some real footage of Soviets in Afghanistan:


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