Getting Raped Flying The Unfriendly Sky: Backlash To New TSA Measures

I love technology, however as an American some technology may not agree with our constitution.  Something that makes the USA great is it's constitution and freedoms.  Things like not being persecuted and having full body searches/x-rays would have seemed the domain of dictatorial regimes and communists right?  Well, these days under the guise of "security" both our privacy and freedom is being slowly or sometimes quickly dismantled.  Some pilots have described the body scanners as "dick measuring devices".

Take for instance the new measures by the TSA to institute the full boxy scanners and/or full pat if we Americans are all criminals.  Since when is it alright to do a full body search or body scan without a warrant?  Typically this time of "search and seizure" would have been attributed to the Red Coats not the Blue Coats...are we seeing a time where we are turning into new Red Coats?  Freedom and Democracy rests on things like individual freedoms, such as not being searched without a just warrant.  Things like this are what create disrespect for the government in most nations, we do not want our people to disrespect the government.  By putting forward such initiatives that create disrespect to the government "by the people for the people" we are doing our nation a dis-service.

Where did all the "GOP/Tea Party Conservatives" go?  Nudity is "Conservative"?

Le'ts stop and evaluate the necessity and legality of this type of search, before we implement them and have the people of the USA boycott airlines and resent their government, which is meant to be representing them.

Jeremy's Funeral & Flying To Salt Lake City, Utah

This scanner/pat down process is something I have experienced first hand as an Iranian-American Muslim with a full metal hip replacement trying to visit Salt Lake City, Utah for my best friend's funeral.  You have to imagine that how much grief stricken a person is when their best friend dies, then when you have paid a god forsaken amount of money for a sardine seating (coach) with no power outlets and tv you have to be somewhat annoyed.  Just imagine, I even went out and bought an adapter to plug in my laptop or iphone in the plane and there were no plugs let a lone the TVs.  You would think in the world's only superpower you could get TV and electric plug on an 8 hour flight (with lay overs it took me from Noon to 11pm to get back to Columbus).

Columbus: The Full Body Scan

Ok, let's talk about when I was leaving Columbus, Ohio to fly to the airport I was walked into the full body scanner, without at first even knowing what it is.  I thought it was the one that blows the air on you, until afterwards when the guys like ok go through.  I said, what happened to the air?  He's like "these are the new ones".  That made me think..."new ones" as in the ones that you see me naked?   That is really violating and I feel like I got raped.

Salt Lake City: The Pat Down

So, after my best friend's funeral I am leaving via SLC airport and guess what happens?  There is no full body scanner, so when I tell them I have metal in my leg due to surgery...they pull me aside and give me a full body pat down.  So, not only I get visually molested the first time, then going back I get physically humiliated.

Critial Thinking: Questions to Ponder

Is this America?  What happened?  Did the Terrorists and Right Wing Nuts win?  What's going on here?  Why did everybody just vote in Republicans into the Congress, when they are responsible for all the problems that Obama has right now?  What media or people are doing all this?  Do we as Americans have critical thinking skills anymore?  Do we know how to analyze our situation?  Do we care about anything other than guns, abortion, and reality TV?  At some point we need to stop and ask ourselves what do we want and is it to be a Right Wing Christian State led by the likes of Jeb Bush and the Bush Dynasty?  What kind of person in their right minds would even consider voting for a Dinosaur denier like Sarah Palin? Why did people in Ohio pick a Republican Governor, considering that most people in Ohio are not rich? Do people understand that the GOP is the Party of the Rich? (I remember in Utah people would vote Republican just because the Church tells them to...even though most people in Utah are poor.  If you don't make a million a year, you are a Democrat by default.) Are these same people like the Tea Party responsible for the initiation of these un-constitutional search methods?  Violating our privacy?  If you don't like to stand naked in front of a TSA officer, then why be alright with a full body scan?  Do you like to have a full pat down when you are not a criminal...then why let them molest you?

One thing that comes to mind is that people are so worried about their Jobs, Money, and the Economy that they forget they had freedoms, honor, and real security once.

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UPDATE: TSA chief likely to face lawmakers' questions on pat-downs, body scans


Thanks but no thanks, I would rather get raped by the TSA than to have Evangelical-Qaeda Nazis patting me down. 


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